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International Leagues

International Leagues

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These are various non-US leagues that TBC is currently tracking. The Dominican stats are integrated with Minor League stats. The other leagues are stand-alone and unaffiliated with MLB franchises. (excluding league partnerships)
Nippon Professional Baseball is the highest level of baseball in Japan and regularly sends players to MLB as well as rostering former domestic MLBers.

KBO is the highest level of professional baseball in South Korea.

Australian Baseball League. Professional baseball league that serves as an MLB winter league during Australia summer.

The Mexican Baseball League was once considered a 'AAA' level league that plays in parallel to the Major Leagues but is now independent. Many Major Leagues have played in both leagues. Since 2000s
Honkbal Hoofdklasse is the highest level of Pro ball in the Netherlands.

Data available since 2018.
An affiliated minor league short-season league considered to be rookie-level. International signees often begin here. Includes in the regular Minor League section.