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Ontario High Schools

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These are schools with a reference on The Baseball Cube. There are likely more schools than these in the state. For certain, all schools with vibrant baseball programs are included.
List of Ontario Schools
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high school place player count
Innisdale Secondary School Barrie,ON 2
A.B. Lucas London,ON 8
A.N. Myer Niagara Falls,ON 4
A.Y. Jackson Kanata,ON 1
Abbey Park Oakville,ON 6
Ajax Ajax,ON 2
Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute Toronto,ON 1
Aldershot Burlington,ON 3
Alexander Mackenzie Richmond Hill,ON 1
All Saints Whitby,ON 5
Ancaster Ancaster,ON 4
Anderson Collegiate Whitby,ON 1
Annandale Tilsonburg,ON 1
Appleby College Oakville,ON 2
Applewood Heights Mississauga,ON 2
Arnprior District Arnprior,ON 2
Assumption Catholic Burlington,ON 5
Assumption College Brantford,ON 3
Assumption College School Windsor,ON 5
Aurora Aurora,ON 1
Banting Memorial Alliston,ON 1
Barrie North Collegiate Barrie,ON 1
Barton Hamilton,ON 1
Bayridge Kingston,ON 1
Bayview Secondary Richmond Hill,ON 1
high school place player count
Beatrice-Desloges Ottawa,ON 1
Belle Ewart Belle Ewart,ON 1
Belle River Belle River,ON 1
Bill Crothers Unionville,ON 9
Birchmount Park Collegiate Scarborough,ON 13
Bishop Allen Academy Toronto,ON 6
Bishop MacDonnell Guelph,ON 4
Bishop P.F. Reding Catholic Georgetown,ON 2
Bishop Ryan Catholic Hamilton,ON 3
Bishop Tonnos Catholic Secondary Hamilton,ON 2
Blenheim District Blenheim,ON 1
Blessed Mother Teresa Catholic Scarborough,ON 1
Blessed Trinity Grimsby,ON 3
Bluevale Collegiate Institute Waterloo,ON 4
Blyth Academy London,ON 2
Blyth Academy Toronto,ON 3
Bradford Distict Bradford,ON 1
Bramalea Brampton,ON 2
Brennan Windsor,ON 3
Brockville Collegiate Institute Brockville,ON 1
Brooklin Whiby,ON 1
Brother Andre Markham,ON 2
Burlington Central Burlington,ON 1
Cairine Wilson Orleans,ON 1
Cameron Heights Collegiate Kitchener,ON 1
high school place player count
Cardinal Ambrozic Catholic Brampton,ON 1
Cardinal Carter Richmond Hill,ON 2
Cardinal Leger Brampton,ON 2
Cardinal Newman Catholic Toronto,ON 2
Casselman Casselman,ON 1
Cathedral Hamilton,ON 2
Catholic Central London,ON 2
Catholic Central Windsor,ON 1
Cawthraw Park Mississauga,ON 5
Centennial Brampton,ON 2
Centennial Collegiate Guelph,ON 6
Central Elgin Collegiate Institute St. Thomas,ON 3
Central Huron Clinton,ON 1
Central Technical School Toronto,ON 1
Chatham Vocational Chatham,ON 1
Chatham-Kent Chatham,ON 4
Chinguacousy Brampton,ON 1
Christ the King Catholic Georgetown,ON 9
Clarkson Mississauga,ON 6
College Avenue Secondary School Woodstock,ON 1
Colonel By Secondary Ottawa,ON 1
Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary Burlington,ON 2
Crestwood Peterborough,ON 3
David Suzuki Brampton,ON 3
De La Salle Toronto,ON 2
high school place player count
Delhi District Secondary School Delhi,ON 1
Denis Morris Catholic Thorold,ON 3
Don Mills Collegiate Institute Toronto,ON 1
Dunbarton Pickering,ON 2
E. L. Crossley Fonthill,ON 2
E.C. Drury Milton,ON 2
E.J. Lajeunesse Windsor,ON 1
Earl Haig Toronto,ON 1
Earl of March Kanata,ON 2
East Dale Oshawa,ON 1
East Elgin Aylmer,ON 2
East York Collegiate Toronto,ON 3
Eastdale Collegiate Toronto,ON 1
Eastern Commerce Toronto,ON 2
Eastview Barrie,ON 2
Ecole Secondaire Catholique Sainte-Trinite Oakville,ON 2
Edison Toronto,ON 1
Elmira District Elmira,ON 3
Emily Carr Woodbridge,ON 1
Essex District Essex,ON 2
Essor Tecumseh,ON 1
Etobicoke Collegiate Institute Etobicoke,ON 5
Everest Academy Toronto,ON 4
Father Leo J. Austin Whitby,ON 2
Father McGivney Catholic Markham,ON 1
high school place player count
Fletcher's Meadow Brampton,ON 1
Forest Heights Collegiate Kitchener,ON 2
Forest Hill Collegiate Toronto,ON 2
Fort William Collegiate Murillo,ON 1
Franco-Cite Ottawa,ON 1
Frank J Hayden Burlington,ON 3
Frederick Banting London,ON 1
Galt Collegiate Cambridge,ON 1
Garneau Orleans,ON 1
Garth Webb Oakville,ON 2
George S. Henry Toronto,ON 1
Georgetown District Acton,ON 4
Georgian Bay Community Collingwood,ON 1
Glebe Collegiate Nepean,ON 1
Glencoe District Glencoe,ON 1
Glenview Park Cambridge,ON 1
Goderich Goderich,ON 1
Governor Simcoe St. Catharines,ON 4
Grand River Collegiate Institute Kitchener,ON 1
Greenwood Collegiate School Toronto,ON 1
Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute Guelph,ON 6
Hammarskjold Thunder Bay,ON 3
HB Beal Secondary London,ON 1
Heart Lake Brampton,ON 3
Henry Street Whitby,ON 4
high school place player count
Herman Academy Windsor,ON 1
Hillcrest Ottawa,ON 3
Hillfield Strathallan College Hamilton,ON 1
Holy Cross Niagara-on-the-Lake,ON 2
Holy Names Catholic Windsor,ON 7
Holy Trinity Kanata,ON 1
Holy Trinity Catholic Oakville,ON 3
Holy Trinity Catholic Simcoe,ON 3
Humberside Collegiate Toronto,ON 9
Humberview Secondary bolton,ON 1
Huron Heights Newmarket,ON 3
Huron Park Woodstock,ON 1
Iona Catholic Secondary Mississauga,ON 1
Iroquois Ridge Oakville,ON 2
Jacob Hespeler Cambridge,ON 1
Jean Vanier Catholic Collingwood,ON 1
John A. MacDonald Waterloo,ON 2
John F. Ross Collegiate Guelph,ON 3
John Fraser Mississauga,ON 2
John McCrae Ottawa,ON 2
John McGregor Chatham,ON 2
John Paul II Catholic London,ON 1
Kanata Kanata,ON 1
Kennedy Mississauga,ON 1
Kernahan Park St. Catharines,ON 1
high school place player count
Keswick Keswick,ON 1
Kielburger Seconday School Milton,ON 1
King City Secondary King City,ON 4
Kings Christian College Oakville,ON 2
Kingsville District Kingsville,ON 1
La Salle Sudbury,ON 1
La Salle Secondary Kingston,ON 1
Lakeport St. Catharines,ON 1
Lakeshore Catholic Port Colborne,ON 1
Lambeth Lambeth,ON 1
Lambton Central Collegiate Petrolia,ON 5
Lasalle Kingston,ON 1
Laura Secord St. Catharines,ON 1
Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute Toronto,ON 5
Leacock Scarborough,ON 1
Leamington District Leamington,ON 4
Leaside Toronto,ON 3
Lester B. Pearson Burlington,ON 3
Listowel Listowel,ON 1
Lockerby Composite Sudbury,ON 1
London Central Secondary London,ON 0
London District London,ON 2
London South Collegiate London,ON 2
Lord Dorchester Dorchester,ON 4
Lord Elgin Burlington,ON 1
high school place player count
Lorne Park Mississauga,ON 15
Louis Riel Gloucester,ON 2
Loyola Oakville,ON 2
Loyola Catholic Secondary Mississauga,ON 2
M.M. Robinson Burlington,ON 9
Malvern Toronto,ON 2
Marie-Anne Toronto,ON 1
Markham District Markham,ON 1
Markville Markham,ON 3
Marshall McLuhan Catholic Toronto,ON 1
Mary Ward Catholic Scarborough,ON 1
Maxwell Heights Oshawa,ON 4
Mayfield Caledon,ON 5
Meadowvale Secondary Mississauga,ON 3
Medway Secondary Arva,ON 1
Mentor College Mississauga,ON 2
Merivale Nepean,ON 3
Michael Power-St. Josephs Etobicoke,ON 6
Michael Powers/St. Joseph Toronto,ON 8
Middlefield Collegiate Markham,ON 1
Milliken Mills Markham,ON 2
Milton Milton,ON 4
Monsignor Doyle Catholic Cambridge,ON 1
Montcalm London,ON 2
Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary London,ON 2
high school place player count
Neil McNeil Catholic Toronto,ON 1
Nelson Burlington,ON 9
Nepean Nepean,ON 1
Newmarket Newmarket,ON 4
Nicholson Catholic College Belleville,ON 3
North Albion Toronto,ON 1
North Park Brampton,ON 1
North Toronto Collegiate Institute Toronto,ON 3
Northern Collegiate Sarnia,ON 4
Northern Secondary School Toronto,ON 5
Notre Dame Burlington,ON 16
Notre Dame Ottawa,ON 1
Notre Dame Catholic Brampton,ON 6
Notre Dame College Welland,ON 4
Nottawasaga Pines Angus,ON 1
O'Neill Collegiate Oshawa,ON 1
Oakridge Secondary London,ON 1
Oakville Oakville,ON 2
Oasis Alternative Toronto,ON 1
Orchard Park Stoney Creek,ON 1
Orilla District VI Orilla,ON 2
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Guelph,ON 5
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Mississauga,ON 9
Owen Sound District Owen Sound,ON 1
Paris District Paris,ON 2
high school place player count
Parkdale Collegiate Institute Toronto,ON 1
Parkside Hamilton,ON 1
Parkside Collegiate St. Thomas,ON 1
Patrick Fogarty Orillia,on 3
Pauline Johnson Collegiate & Vocational School Brantford,ON 1
Penentang Penentang,ON 1
Phillip Pocock Mississauga,ON 1
Pickering Ajax,ON 14
Pine Ridge Pickering,ON 4
Port Credit Mississauga,ON 1
Port Dover Port Dover,ON 1
Port Hope Port Hope,ON 2
Preston Cambridge,ON 3
Prince Edward Collegiate Institute Picton,ON 1
Queen Elizabeth Park Oakville,ON 1
R.S. McLaughlin Oshawa,ON 1
Resurrection Catholic Kitchener,ON 2
Richmond Hill Richmond Hill,ON 1
Richview Collegiate Institute Toronto,ON 5
Rick Hansen Mississauga,ON 2
Riverside Secondary Windsor,ON 3
Robert Bateman Burlington,ON 1
Robert F. Hall Catholic Caledon,ON 4
Royal St. George's Toronto,ON 1
Sacred Heart Catholic Newmarket,ON 1
high school place player count
Saint Theresa Midland,ON 1
Saint Thomas Aquinas Secondary Oakville,ON 1
Saltfleet District Stoney Creek,ON 1
Sandwich LaSalle,ON 2
Sandwich Secondary School Windsor,ON 1
Sarnia Central Sarnia,ON 1
Sarnia Collegiate Institute Sarnia,ON 2
Saunders Secondary London,ON 5
Seaway District Iroquois,ON 2
Silverthorn Collegiate Institute Etobicoke,ON 4
Simcoe Composite Simcoe,ON 1
Sinclair Whitby,ON 16
Sir Allan Macnab Hamilton,ON 2
Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate Toronto,ON 1
Sir Robert Borden Ottawa,ON 2
Sir Winston Churchill Thunder Bay,ON 2
South London,ON 2
South Carleton Ottawa,ON 1
South Grenville District Prescott,ON 2
South Huron District Exeter,ON 1
South Lincoln Smithville,ON 1
Southwood Secondary Ayr,ON 2
St. Aloysius Gonzaga Mississauga,ON 7
St. Andrew's Aurora,ON 2
St. Anne Catholic Belle River,ON 1
high school place player count
St. Anne's Catholic Windsor,ON 6
St. Anne's Catholic Secondary School Clinton,ON 1
St. Augustine Brampton,ON 2
St. Benedict Catholic Cambridge,ON 6
St. Charles College Sudbury,ON 2
St. Christopher Sarnia,ON 2
St. Clair Secondary Sarnia,ON 5
St. David Catholic Waterloo,ON 5
St. Elizabeth Vaughan,ON 1
St. Francis Xavier Mississauga,ON 5
St. Ignatius Thunder Bay,ON 3
St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Oakville,ON 3
St. James Catholic Guelph,ON 3
St. Jean de Brebeuf Hamilton,ON 1
St. Joan of Arc Mississauga,ON 7
St. John's College Brantford,ON 1
St. Joseph Cornwall,ON 1
St. Joseph Mississauga,ON 7
St. Joseph's Barrie,ON 1
St. Joseph's Catholic Nepean,ON 1
St. Joseph's Catholic St. Thomas,ON 6
St. Marcillinus Mississauga,ON 2
St. Marguerite d'Youville Brampton,ON 2
St. Mark Catholic Manotick,ON 1
St. Martin Secondary Mississauga,ON 6
high school place player count
St. Mary Catholic Hamilton,ON 4
St. Mary Catholic Pickering,ON 3
St. Mary's Kitchener,ON 3
St. Mary's Sault Ste. Marie,ON 1
St. Mary's Catholic Cobourg,ON 1
St. Mary's Catholic Woodstock,ON 1
St. Mathew Gloucester,ON 1
St. Matthew Orleans,ON 1
St. Maximilian Kolbe Aurora,ON 2
St. Michael's Mississauga,ON 13
St. Michael's College School Toronto,ON 4
St. Patrick Ottawa,ON 1
St. Patrick Thunder Bay,ON 1
St. Patrick's Sarnia,ON 2
St. Paul Niagara Falls,ON 3
St. Peter's Secondary School Barrie,ON 2
St. Peter's Secondary school Peterborough,ON 7
St. Pius X Nepean,ON 1
St. Roch Catholic Brampton,ON 1
St. Stephen's Bowmanville,ON 2
St. Stephens Bowmanville,ON 2
St. Thomas St. Thomas,ON 2
St. Thomas Aquinas London,ON 10
St. Thomas More Hamilton,ON 1
St. Thomas of Villanova LaSalle,ON 22
high school place player count
Stamford Collegiate Niagara Falls,ON 2
Stephen Lewis Toronto,ON 1
Stratford Northwestern Stratford,ON 1
Strathroy Strathroy-Caradoc,ON 2
Streetsville Mississauga,ON 4
T.A. Blakelock Oakville,ON 3
Taddle Creek Academy Toronto,ON 1
The Country Day School King City,ON 1
The Crescent School Toronto,ON 4
The Woodlands School Mississauga,ON 2
Thomas Stewart Peterborough,ON 1
Thornhill Thornhill,ON 1
Thornlea Thornhill,ON 1
Thunder Bay Thunder Bay,ON 1
Tilbury District Tilbury,ON 1
Timmins Timmins,ON 1
TMS Elgin Mills Richmond Hill,ON 1
Trafalgar Oakville,ON 4
Trinity College School Port Hope,ON 1
Turner Fenton Brampton,ON 1
Twin Lakes Orilla,ON 1
Unionville Unionville,ON 1
Upper Canada College Toronto,ON 5
Ursula Franklin Academy Toronto,ON 1
Ursuline Catholic Chatham,ON 3
high school place player count
Uxbridge Secondary Uxbridge,ON 2
Valley Heights Langton,ON 1
Vanier Toronto,ON 1
Vaughan Thornhill,ON 4
Vaughn Road Toronto,ON 2
Vincent Massey Windsor,ON 4
W.D. Lowe Windsor,ON 1
Waterdown District Waterdown,ON 1
Waterloo Collegiate Institute Waterloo,ON 4
Waterloo-Oxford Baden,ON 1
West Elgin West Lorne,ON 1
Westgate Collegiate & Vocational Institute Thunder Bay,ON 1
Westmount Collegiate Institute Thornhill,ON 4
Westpark Secondary St. Catharines,ON 1
White Oaks Oakville,ON 1
White Pines C&VS Sault Ste. Marie,ON 1
William Lyon Mackenzie North York,ON 1
Woodbridge Woodbridge,ON 1
Wyoming Wyoming,ON 1
York Mills Collegiate Institute Toronto,ON 6
370 record(s)