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Current rosters are based on captured player transactions and so if there is any conflict between these rosters and those on offficial MLB/MILB sites, the latter prevails.

Minor League rosters are less reliable during the off-season when players often are in an organization but not assigned.
Nashville Sounds - Current Roster
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player name pos age statusshort pos ht wt ba th Born place hilvl mlb years stat years draft info
Ray Black p 31.130 Minors p 6-3 230 R R 1990-06-26 Wilkes-Barre,PA MLB 2018-2020 2009-2020
2011-  7- 237-SFN
Caleb Boushley p 28.331 Minors p 6-3 180 R R 1993-10-01 Hortonville,WI AAA -- 2015-2022
2017- 33- 978-SDN
Victor Castaneda p 24.016 Minors p 6-1 185 R R 1998-08-27 Culiacan,MX AAA -- 2017-2022
2017-    UDFA-MIL
Luis Contreras p 26.131 Minors p 6-1 175 R R 1996-04-29 -- AAA -- 2019-2022
2015-    UDFA-CHN
Lucas Erceg p-3b 27.037 Minors p-3b 6-3 200 L R 1995-05-01 Campbell,CA AAA -- 2014-2022
2016-  2-  46-MIL
Robert Gasser p 23.091 Minors p 6-1 175 L L 1999-05-31 El Dorado Hills,CA AAA -- 2018-2022
2021-  2-  71-SDN
Tyler Herb p 30.018 Minors p 6-2 175 R R 1992-04-28 Lykens,PA AAA -- 2011-2022
2014- 29- 861-SEA
Jean Carlos Mejia p 25.363 Minors p 6-5 240 R R 1996-08-26 Gaspar Hernandez,DR MLB 2021-2022 2014-2022
2013-    UDFA-CLE
Marcus Walden p 33.286 Minors p 5-10 198 R R 1988-09-13 Fresno,CA MLB 2018-2020 2007-2022
2007-  9- 295-TOR
player name pos age statusshort pos ht wt ba th Born place hilvl mlb years stat years draft info
Brian Navarreto c 27.098 Minors c 6-2 200 R R 1994-12-29 Jacksonville,FL MLB 2020-2020 2013-2022
2013-  6- 170-MIN
player name pos age statusshort pos ht wt ba th Born place hilvl mlb years stat years draft info
Cam Devanney 2b-3b 25.146 Minors 2b-3b 6-1 181 R R 1997-04-13 Amherst,NH AAA -- 2017-2022
2019- 15- 463-MIL
Patrick Dorrian 3b 25.362 Minors 3b 6-2 188 L R 1996-06-26 Kingston,NY AAA -- 2016-2022
2014- 12- 373-ATL
Andruw Monasterio 3b-2b 25.086 Minors 3b-2b 6-0 175 B R 1997-05-30 Caracas,VZ AAA -- 2015-2022
2014-    UDFA-CHN
Angel Ortega ss 27.154 Minors ss 6-2 170 R R 1993-09-11 Guaynabo,PR AA -- 2012-2017
2012-  6- 215-MIL
player name pos age statusshort pos ht wt ba th Born place hilvl mlb years stat years draft info
Sal Frelick cf 22.104 Minors cf 5-9 175 L R 2000-04-19 Lexington,MA AAA -- 2019-2022
2021-  1-  15-MIL
Joey Wiemer rf-cf 23.172 Minors rf-cf 6-5 215 R R 1999-02-11 Temperance,MI AAA -- 2018-2022
2020-  4- 121-MIL
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