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Draft History

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Welcome to the Research Applications section. These are web-based reporting tools where you get to design your own reports for any of the subjects below based on the available filters for each subject.

Most of this section is only available to TBC PREMIUM subcribers. Once subscribed, you get access to all the applications for which each report is capped at 200 records. Use the filters or sort to manage the number of rows in the output or visit our Data Store to purchase full data sets for your own offline analysis.

If you need an additional filter or output field added to a report, please let us know. We are always open to improvements!
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Report Filters
Report Type
Biography or Statistics Output
Draft Round
Overall Slot#
Nth pick of the draft regardless of round
Drafting Team
Based on current Franchise name. Includes prior franchise locations
Draft Source
Player signed with team
HS or College. Separated by commas (,)
School Type
For Draft Source=College
4-year vs Junior College
College Division
College governing organization
Draft Region
School region
Player Name
Separate names with comma (,)
Draft Position
Position listed when drafted
Current position
Played in Organization
High Level
Highest known level reached based on captured stats.
Signing Bonus
If available for draft record.
Player Class
Exlcudes Red-Shirt tags
Current Status
Active in Year
Player was active in baseball for selected year
Up to 3 scouts listed per signed player. Not all players have scout listed.
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