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This section includes all schools in our database, including schools without baseball programs as well as schools that no longer exist.

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Oregon Schools
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school name school long name nickname place reg division recent conference
Blue Mountain CC Blue Mountain Community College Timberwolves Pendleton,Oregon OR NWAACC NWAACC East Region (2022)
Bushnell Bushnell University Beacons Eugene,Oregon OR -- --
Cascade College Cascade College Thunderbirds Portland,Oregon OR -- --
Chemeketa CC Chemeketa Community College Storm Salem,Oregon OR NWAACC NWAACC South Region (2020)
Clackamas CC Clackamas Community College Cougars Oregon City,Oregon OR NWAACC NWAACC South Region (2020)
Concordia University Concordia University Cavaliers Portland,Oregon OR NCAA-2 Great Northwest Athletic Conference (2020)
Corban Corban University Warriors Salem,Oregon OR NAIA Cascade Collegiate Conference (2022)
Eastern Oregon Eastern Oregon University Mountaineers La Grande,Oregon OR NAIA Cascade Collegiate Conference (2022)
George Fox George Fox University Bruins Newberg,Oregon OR NCAA-3 Northwest Conference (2022)
Lane CC OR Lane Community College Titans Eugene,Oregon OR NWAACC NWAACC South Region (2020)
Lewis and Clark College Lewis and Clark College Pioneers Portland,Oregon OR NCAA-3 Northwest Conference (2022)
Linfield College Linfield College Wildcats McMinnville,Oregon OR NCAA-3 Northwest Conference (2022)
Linn-Benton CC Linn-Benton Community College Roadrunners Albany,Oregon OR NWAACC NWAACC South Region (2020)
Mt. Hood CC Mount Hood Community College Saints Gresham,Oregon OR NWAACC NWAACC South Region (2020)
Oregon University of Oregon Ducks Eugene,Oregon OR NCAA-1 Pacific-12 Conference (2022)
Oregon State Oregon State University Beavers Corvallis,Oregon OR NCAA-1 Pacific-12 Conference (2022)
Oregon Tech Oregon Institute of Technology Hustlin' Owls Klamath Falls,Oregon OR NAIA Cascade Collegiate Conference (2022)
Pacific University Pacific University Boxers Forest Grove,Oregon OR NCAA-3 Northwest Conference (2022)
Portland University of Portland Pilots Portland,Oregon OR NCAA-1 West Coast Conference (2022)
Portland CC Portland Community College Panthers Portland,Oregon OR -- --
Portland State Portland State University Vikings Portland,Oregon OR NCAA-1 Pacific-10 Conference (1998)
Southern Oregon Southern Oregon University Raiders Ashland,Oregon OR -- --
SW Oregon CC Southwestern Oregon Community College Lakers Coos Bay,Oregon OR NWAACC NWAACC South Region (2020)
Treasure Valley CC Treasure Valley Community College Chukars Ontario,Oregon OR NWAACC NWAACC East Region (2022)
Umpqua CC Umpqua Community College Riverhawks Roseburg,Oregon OR NWAACC NWAACC South Region (2020)
school name school long name nickname place reg division recent conference
Warner Pacific College Warner Pacific College Knights Portland,Oregon OR -- --
Western Oregon Western Oregon University Wolves Monmouth,Oregon OR NCAA-2 Great Northwest Athletic Conference (2022)
Willamette Willamette University Bearcats Salem,Oregon OR NCAA-3 Northwest Conference (2022)
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