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Summary of TBC PREMIUM Features
The current cost of TBC PREMIUM is only $19/year (USD).
Please review the list of features below. There is a lot of value-added research content with a PREMIUM account.

High-level Features
  • No ADS!
  • Player TRACKER Account - 200 Players
  • Data Store Discount (-25%)
  • Research Applications (19+ applications)
  • Data Grid Functionality + Additional Content
  • Display Customizations

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Feature Details
In addition to the features above, there are many more nuanced benefits to signing up to a TBC PREMIUM account. Some of these features provide you with value-added data content or features while some are more frivolous/fun.

  • No Ads
    Surf the site ad-free for a cleaner, neater and less obtrusive experience.

  • Player TRACKER
    With your PREMIUM subscription, you get 200 player TRACKER player slots. The TRACKER allows you to track daily and season player statistics for only the players you care about. For more information on the Tracker, read the TRACKER article.

  • Data Store
    The TBC Data Store has several pre-defined (standard) data products available for purchase. All of these products are data dumps in CSV format. In laymen's terms, the file can be loaded easily into Excel. As a PREMIUM subscriber, you automatically receive 25% off all prices plus any discounts for meeting quantity/price thresholds.

    Consideration for discounts on Custom data requests also apply.

  • Research Applications
    These are customizable reporting tools where you pick from the many filters and produce your own results (in a pre-defined layout). There are currently more than 20 applications:
    • MLB Batting/Pitching Stats - 1871-present
    • Minor League Batting/Pitching Stats - 1977-present
    • College Batting/Pitching Stats - D1 since 2002
    • Player Comparison Tool - Compare biography and stats for 2-25 players
    • Draft Research - Search the full history of the draft
    • Transactions Research - search all professional transactions since 2012
    • Prospects Research - All rankings since 1983/li>
    • Multi-Player Stat Viewer - View between 2-25 player cards on 1 page. Similar to old published baseball registers.
    • Boxscores Batting/Pitching - Game-level results from retrosheet since 1957.
    • Play/Event Finder - All game-state changing events such as at bats and stolen bases since 1957 available for research
    • Roster History (Pro teams) - Find MLB/MILB team roster on any given date since 2012.
    • Batter/Pitcher Matchup - Event results for any batter/pitcher combination since 1957
    • Team Matchups - Franchise head-to-head matchups since 1950
    • Teammates - Available from player pages, a list of most frequent teammates selected players.
    • Death Research - Link together death causes and view recent deaths.
    • Full Stats Search - Search ALL stats including stat records without a linked player to create virtual Player Cards for non-TBC players.
    • Career Bests - From MLB player pages quickly view a player's game-level best for a particular stats
    • Birthdays Research - All available birthdays for a selected date.

  • Data Grid Functionality
    • Hide rows
    • Filter individual Rows
    • Filter based on pre-defined values
    • Highlight rows for focus
    • Sort
    • Filter based on cell value via double-click
    • Quick player comparison of highlighted players using Player Comparison tool or Multi-Player Stats Viewer (MPSV)
    • Restore all rows after analysis
    • Full quick-search functionality. Returns all players and not only MLB.

  • Additional Fields/content
    • 162-game Statistical Averages for Batting/Pitching stats (MLB/Minors/College)
    • Extended Batting/Pitching Stats - Additional boxscore level stats for each MLB team/year.
    • Top 10 ranked in stat highlighted in stat grids
    • Signing Bonuses
    • Draft Slot Value
    • Current Status-related Fields. (Status, Org, Level)
    • High School Statistics and league information
    • Career stats view in Draft and Prospect grids
    • High School Quality Scores
    • Talent Ratings
    • Alumni Listing
    • Baseball Card Display
    • Umpire Metrics
    • Uniform history by team
    • Additional data views in many sections

  • Display Customizations
    • Manage standard stats metrics display
    • Manage order of metrics display
    • Merge "Other Stats" into Regular Season Stats in player stat grids
    • Zero value display as '0' or '-'
    • Toggle Double-click filtering
    • Toggle Leader highlighting
    • Toggle fielding stats display
    • Toggle Sticky header

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