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TBC Site Updates

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College Summer Stats and the Constant Need to Prove one's self
The process of collecting and loading College Summer League stats is perhaps one of the most painful and rewarding projects each year. It involves compiling statistics in different formats from 25+ different leagues. It involves finding the TBC Player ID# based on, usually, limited information. A first initial, a last name and if I'm lucky, an accurate college. After several weeks, the project is finally done. What a relief.

I know updates have been sparse. Sometimes, life (SOFTBALL TOURNAMENTS!) gets in the way. The summer was filled with tournaments. My daughter's travel team. If you read these updates, you know that I am a superfan. I follow her career like she was 1991 Delino Deshields. I go to every game. You can always find me next to the dugout. The "iPad Guy". Scoring the game/tracking stats in gamechanger for the coach. Trying to stay fair with the intoxicating power to control my daughter's batting average. The .375 batting average was legit. And once again, the smallest kid on the team was awarded hardest working/best work ethic. In 2016, she won "most underrated". In 2019, she won "Surprise of the year". Its her thing. You underrate her and she proves you wrong.

Every year, she goes through the same song and dance. She starts the off-season batting last and alternating between the infield and outfield. They ask her to bunt a lot. And then slowly, oh-so-slowly, they see the pattern. A quiet hit here and there. A walk. A steal. A diving play to her left. Its quiet. Oh-so-quiet. Until BOOM. A ball off the fence. A liner that Charlie Brown's the pitcher. And then quiet again. A hit here and there...a double play. A steal. A grounder up the middle and then BOOM. A triple to the RC gap.

She sneaks up on you and it takes a full off-season to realize what has happened. Quietly. Oh-so-quietly, she has batted .350 and been on base at a rate of 45%. And you don't realize until you think back and you just can't think of one defensive error...but I'm about..maybe one? Maybe, but I just can't confirm it...

Same thing every year. By spring... by the first game outdoors...she is batting leadoff and starting middle infield. Every year she has to prove herself. I have seen countless others been given roles based on what they "might" do. Based on their size or their athleticism. Don't get me wrong, tools are very important. But loud tools should be muted by infrequent display. And those players with the quiet tools...but...a lot of them...they need to be recognised and identified early and not tossed to the side so early.

And we left home a few weeks ago to join a new team, new teammates, a new coaching staff in a new country. And not even the coaching staff that recruited her... and I know that she will be batting last/on the bench when I go watch her play later this month. I assume she will play the outfield and they will ask her to bunt often. And then I also know, that when I go back in April to watch her again...I am assuming it will once again, be a very different story.