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TBC Site Updates

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2022 College Stats and travel softball is done! BOOM!!!
The 2022 Softball season is over. It ended with a Silver medal for Team Quebec at the Canada Games and the kid is on cloud 9. In the biggest game of the year, a 6-5 win over the powerful Team Ontario provincial team, she batted leadoff and went 2/4 with a run and an rbi and was a true difference maker in what would be Quebec's highest finish ever in softball at the Canada Games.

So we are all on a high in the TBC family. It was 1 year of tryouts and 2 years of practice and preparation for this team and now its over and we begin a new adventure. The kid is heading south to play in college and I have no doubt, like wood in water, she will float once again to the top. She is calibrated for that. She can see the path and she does what it takes to get there. In 5 straight years of playing softball for various top-level teams in Quebec, she has started each season as a 9th hitter before emerging in the spring as the team's leadoff hitter.

And I will go from being her personal softball assistant and number 1 travelling fan to a guy who is simply begging for a livestream of any kind so that I can watch her in pixels instead of live.

And yes, site updates have suffered but now I am back. My brain is back. Well, kinda. Its slowly returning. The haze of summer travel softball and hotels and tournaments and heat and whiskey and the lows of 0/4s and the highs of 2 for 3s and the BOOM hits. Like a drug those BOOM hits. The doubles to the gap. The hard singles to center. The high liner down the line towards the corner. Those are BOOM! hits and they can carry your spirit for days.

+ College stats for all levels are validated for 2022. The stats were updated daily during the season but many stopped working at a certain point. Most should be full-season stats now though for whatever reason, pitcher win-loss and games started do not get tracked that well in Junior College. Not quite sure why.

More site updates to come! Also, more softball essays too...

Stay tuned! BOOM!