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TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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Site Updates for April 10,2022
Opening week is in full swing and The Baseball Cube has been busy watching as many games as possible. The system? Pick a game. Watch it beginning to end. Get immersed in it. If the score gets too lopsided, ABORT ABORT ABORT, find another game, close and early, and get immersed again. Rinse and repeat. Some people have other methods with 4 windows open on their monitor. But y'see, TBC needs its monitors to WORK WORK WORK! So we watch on the iPad. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch College games as well but it ain't easy for a Canadian without access to ESPN or an acceptable cable provider. Such is life.

The snow is MELTING MELTING MELTING. Though the front of the TBC Office building still has some snow in shaded areas, the streets are clear and there is talk of some softball games for the kid. Outdoors. But not here. Over there to the southwest, 4 hours away. A beautiful outdoor turf field. REAL softball! Travel, hotels, camping chairs and everything! 6 games. MARVELOUS MARVELOUS MARVELOUS! We will be prepared with winter jackets, tuques and layers. We Canadians know how to watch softball in cold weather. We will still complain about how cold it is and in mid-July, we will complain how hot it is or how terrible the hotel breakfast was or how such-and-such family is driving us crazy or how the dirt on this field is like concrete. Softball parents complain but we love every minute of it.

Here are your site updates for the past week:
+ The player TRACKER is going strong. Stats are updated before you wake up each morning and if you subscribe to the email (Extra $), your email, with your player's daily stats, will arrive before 5am est/edt/whatever. That's 2am in California. Can you imagine? Wow!

+ Also don't forget that if you are a college baseball fan, that we update stats daily for 1400+ schools across the US of A. Why you haven't signed up for Spotrac. Am I the only one who has no idea how to say this site's name? Is it SPO-TRACK? Is it SPOT-RACK? Is it an acronym? Is it is some kind of jargon or have an industry meaning? Oy

+ Added 2022 Scouting Grades for prospects sourced from Baseball America and MLB Pipeline. These are the 20-80 tools which focus on raw ability rather than statistical outcome, unlike the TBC Talent Ratings. These are tucked away under the "Prospect" tab of each player's page and currently only available for
+ Another
player TRACKER. This will add some additional filtering functionality on your tracked players if you have included college players.