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TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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Site Updates for April 4,2022
Baseball is booming! Spring training is winding down and the Major Leaguers (and Bobby Witt Jr) are moving north. Tennessee is ripping up college baseball and Atlanta starts defense of their title later this week. Here at TBC, traffic is booming and we are as ecstatic as Bobby Witt JUNNNNNIOR. Thanks so much for your continued support. TBC is feeling rejuvenated in 2022!!

On the homefront, the 2 kids both got (finally?) COVID over a 3-week period and it feels like it is as prevalent as it was earlier this winter. Both kids are fine and back to school. The government has decided to suddenly ignore the latest wave. The politics have changed. They have changed from "We need to fear this virus" to "We need to live with this virus" which suggests this has always been about messaging. Anyways, I am happy about this. We acted responsibly and quarantined the kids while we, the parents stayed home. Individual responsibility my man. Its a thing. There were many texts requesting food and family pet delivery. We were servants for 2 weeks. However, the good news for us is that no restrictions now means we can assume our upcoming travel-softball season will go interrupted. Its gonna be lit as we travel thousands of miles, literally from coast to coast this summer including a couple of trips south of the border. All of this leading into the kid's Freshman season at a US Junior College.

Alas, there is no University softball in Quebec and though there is a league in Ontario, the sense is that most talented players prefer to go south to play. The province of British Columbia has 2 schools (Simon Fraser/UBC) competing in US conferences but other than that, there ain't much. Don't get me wrong though, there are a lot of passionate Canadian Athletes but its not supported institutionally the way it is in the US. Hockey talent goes through Junior Hockey, unaffiliated with education. Baseball talent goes through Provincial/National/Travel Team programs. Softball talent goes through summer travel-ball where teams stay together all year and practice indoors Nov-Apr and then play a 3-4 month outdoor tournament season. Skills are normally strong but game/situational IQ is often lacking either due to lack of games over the course of a season or lack of appropriate competition.


Here are the latest site updates for the hardest working baseball site on the interwebnet:

+ A little while ago, I dumped 2 random datasets into the Player Transactions section. Disabled/Injured List visits and historical transactions. Just wanted to let you know the plan with this data. First, we'll remove any transaction duplication (over time). Second, the injuries will eventually include the injury cause, if I can find it, making it the only descriptive baseball injury dataset that I know of. Finally, within this dataset, we are hoping to include all player contracts of interest (FA/Arbitration/Extensions) since 1985 for all Major League player/seasons.

+ We injected about 30k College Player page for ~1000 schools from the 2022 season. The intention here is to increase the number of players available on the site and to increase our general player coverage. Most players at this point are just names with their 2022 stats. However, over time, we'll add their bio attributes and link to their historical stats. If you're a premium subscriber, maybe you'll get to see their high school stats.

+ Talent ratings have been moved to the FREE section. Previously, they were only available in the PREMIUM section. A number of people asked me what happened to the ratings and I felt bad holding them hostage on the pay-side. They now appear, for eligible players, below their player bio. The talent ratings are essentially an algorithmic comparison of a player's talent in some statistical categories as related to his peers. It is not a scouting grade tool. It is purely staistical based on performance as related to his leagues over the course of his career. It will not be available for College D2 and lower.

+ Minor League Baseball finally relented and restored the league names used prior to the Minor League realignment in 2021. What does this mean? Be patient man... give me a second to get my thoughts organised ... Jeez Louise... What it means ... is that the generic sounding AAA_East is now the International League. It means A2_SE is now the Florida State League. For TBC, it means a mess of back-end code changes to reverse the work done in early 2021. We have overwritten the 2021 generic league names with the 2022 restored proper league names. Basically, it will be as if the generic league names never existed. Good riddance. The other thing to note here is that the minor league franchises are still set as new franchises starting in 2021. The continuity is still lost and I haven't decided how I will handle this going forward. I discovered this news only a few days before opening day so wanted to keep the risk low programmatically speaking.

+ Don't forget that there is a TBC Data Store which allows you to purchase large pre-compiled or custom datasets. I KNOW you are a big baseball fan and you would LOVE to have a dump of college data in Excel where you can slice and dice and impress your friends. Or, if you are a in a fantasy league and you want to kill it this year, you can purchase a minor league stats dataset and apply your own algorithm that will win you the YAHOO fantasy gold medal by claiming players before your opponents even know these players exist. So yeah, check out the Data Store.

+ Still pouring lots of time/effort into Search-Engine optimization (SEO) and load performance. All indicates point towards this work having a positive effect on traffic beyond the natural increase this time of year. Keep coming back and tell your friends!

That's it for now my friends. Always good things happening at the Cube. Follow us on Twitter to get site updates as they happen. 'Til next time!