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TBC Site Updates

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2020 College Baseball Season Plans
The Division I NCAA season starts on Friday, February 14, 2020. Only 2 weeks away. College World Series defending champions Vanderbilt are the pre-season #1, according to Baseball America. I'm not sure what percentage of baseball fans care about college baseball. But in case you didn't know, The Baseball Cube cares very much.

I am currently working furiously to prepare by creating player pages for all the new 2020 players. If you know College Baseball, then you'll know that this is a significant number. Incoming freshmen and non-Division I transfers account for more than 33% turnover from one college season to the next. For those who track college baseball in a database, this is mucho annoying.

For 2020, we will include in-season statistics. We rotate through college conferences on a daily basis, updating 5-6 at a time. Each school should have its stats updated at least once a week, similar to past years.

Like last year, you can track players with a daily email using the TBC Player Tracker. If you add active college player to your tracker, you will get their season stats in your daily email. A tracker account is 30 cents per player per year. 30 players would cost $9.

At the conclusion of the college season, stats for all levels will be added. Including Division 2, 3, NAIA and all the Junior Colleges. Summer League stats will be added in the fall. As always, you can visit the Data Store if you want a csv file of all the stats for your own personal analysis.