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TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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There's ANOTHER Will Smith?
I had a dream that Will Smith the catcher was batting against Will Smith the pitcher. Will Smith the pitcher threw a ball that clipped the back of Will Smith the catcher/batter's helmet and ricocheted off umpire Jordan Baker's left shin. Though Baker is irrelevant, I want to show you the detail of this dream was epic A woman in the 6th row behind home plate was wearing an Atlanta Flames vintage Kent Nilsson #14 jersey. She had brown hair, a tattoo on her forearm with an infinity symbol. The man next to her had a handlebar mustache that curled up into itself. He wore an FBI t-shirt that said, in small writing underneath, Female Body Inspector. THAT'S HOW REAL THIS DREAM WAS.

So Will Smith the pitcher's pitch hits Will Smith the catcher/batter's helmet and instead of making his way to 1b, Will Smith the catcher/batter slowly walks out to the pitching mound, drops his bat, removes his batting gloves, all the while, Will Smith the pitcher is standing prone, hands in his pocket, glove tucked under his arm. He even turns his hat backwards. Will Smith the catcher/batter approaches, stiffens his arm and hand and slaps Will Smith the pitcher so hard, the pine tar flies off the underside of his cap and his Hubba Bubba flies halfway to Dansby Swanson at ss. Ozzie Albies covers his face with his glove and Matt Olson (Somehow still wearing an A's jersey) crouches awkwardly as Will Smith the catcher/batter casually strolls to first. Swanson reaches down to pick up the gum, thinks twice, and pulls out a handkerchief from his back pocket and puts the gum in that instead. I wake up in a sweat ... ok ... it wasn't real ... but ... the Will Smith bobblehead on my dresser ... his head is still bobbling.

So the kid has COVID. Took 2 years to hit our house. Hit her kinda hard. Hope she recovers soon. For now, she is quarantined to a small corner of the house with full room service and access to the hotel laundromat. Still no tips though.

So Tennessee is the new #1 ranked college and the Grapefruit/Cactus leagues are in full swing. Here is another list of site updates:

+ MLB PIPELINE top 100 prospects and top 30 by team have been added to the Prospects section. Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus were added a few weeks ago.

+ The "Pitch Out" pitch type has been removed from the Repertoire section of pitcher pages. Using PitchFx and StatCast, since 2008, we have Pitcher repertoires for Major League pitchers in their biography section. Both speed and frequency% of each pitch are included.

+ Position per season was added to the Batting Stat grid on player pages. It is intended to represent a player's position(s) for the given season. Not relevant for college (or high school)

+ Some maintenance was done on school names and nicknames for Colleges/Universities. Most schools named Crusaders and Indians have switched their nicknames to something less controversial. Also some schools switched from "College" to "University". I don't have a controversial opinion on the nickname changes. I'd rather not have nicknames that have the potential to offend. That is not the purpose of college mascots, let alone professional nicknames. I do have some controversial opinions on the state of the world, but this is not one of them. Ironically my daughter's team changed their nickname as well this year and in fact, did not replace it with anything. NO NICKNAME?? Now THAT I have a strong enough opinion about...

+ Player relationships have moved from a field within the biography section, into the Player Notes section which for now, is located in the "Sponsorship" box between the biography and the stats sections. The reason? High-level, more efficient for page load. Relationships are notes about other family members in the database. Think Alou, Boone, Biggio, Guerrero, Bichette, or, I guess any Blue Jays player?

+ Lastly, I was curious, should I still call myself a WEBMASTER? Do we still use this word? In the late 1990s, a lot of pages had a link at the bottom that said "Contact Webmaster" or had the name of the webmaster. A quick google search shows the word is still valid ... but ... it doesn't feel right. I'm going to make an executive decision here, and don't slap me for saying this, that I would like to be, from this time forth, known as a WEB DEVELOPER.

Hopefully next we chat, the weather will be on the good side of 0 and the kid will be COVID-free!