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TBC Site Updates

TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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PLAY BALL and some site updates
The weather is perking up. The restrictions are trending down. And MLB baseball is back!!

I have been spending my days watching live streaming of my new favorite college softball team. My daughter will be on next year's edition of this team and we watch together when we can. We are learning the players and the style of play. We are projecting next year's roster and her role on the team. Playing time is more competitive at this level with bigger rosters and more talent as opposed to her travel team's roster of 13.

Site traffic has been growing slowly again as baseball activities ramp up. Page performance is a priority as is fresh content. Here are some of the updates from the past few days:

+ 2022 college stats are being updated daily. The exact count of schools is 1504. For D1, there are some schools updating twice a week (Friday and Monday) and 1 school not updating at all. (Valparaiso). Otherwise, only ~25 non-D1 schools are not being updated. The stats are not being presented as "Daily Stats" within the tracker. You can only view season stats at any given point. The reason is that I am not fully comfortable that the system will be reliable enough to guarantee accurate daily stats.

+ Also related to College, Head Coaches and Ballparks have been added for all 2022 schools.
+ 2022 Signing Bonuses for Undrafted International Free Agents have also been added. 344 records to be exact. Many others without bonuses. This is the 1st year where it didn't take me 18 months to get around to adding the bonuses.

+ Team USA statistics for various age groups have been added to the "Other Stats" section of player pages. We already had the Collegiate teams but have now added what we could find from the USA Baseball web site. 18u,15u and 12u. The stats are generally for 5-10 games and so the stats themselves are not that pertinent. The intention is to show that he was selected for the team, painting a better picture of his amateur history.

+ Speaking of the Other Statistics, I have decided to copy them to the Main Player Stats tab of the player page. Both Other Batting and Other Pitching stats will appear below the regular season stats. The Other Stats tab will remain for now. Other Stats refers to non-standard regular season pro and college stats including and not limited to MLB Playoffs, Spring Training and All-Star games. College Summer Leagues. Arizona Fall League. International Leagues and Team USA.