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TBC Site Updates

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Additional Data Grid Functionality
Its PREMIUM,PREMIUM, PREMIUM. Or COVID. That's all I ever write about. I complain about COVID and I praise PREMIUM. There is no COVID talk in this article outside of this sentence and the 2-3 before it. Now, we talk PREMIUM features because you need to know what you are missing.

For the context of The Baseball Cube, a "DATA GRID" is a data presentation table which is present on most pages. I do not know why I call it a GRID. Maybe Table is a better word. Maybe something else. But nevertheless...

Regular users of the site will see grids very differently than the subscribers. This article will discuss all the data manipulation tools available to subscribers, a couple of which are on the free site. They aren't overly complicated nor are they groundbreaking. But their availability will make your ability to view data that much more focused during your research.

CSV export - Click CSV to turn the grid into a comma-separated display for copy paste into a spreadsheet. Available to non-subscribers.

Sorting - Click the column header to sort data within grid. Excludes header and footer rows. Available to non-subscribers. Click a second time to reverse sort. Numbers sort in descending order by default unless I have specified it otherwise for certain metrics where lower is better. Some ranks may start off descending.

Hide row - Click the minus sign at the left of the row to temporarily hide the row from view.

Manual record Filtering - Click several records of interest (they will turn orange) and the the FILTER SELECTED button to show only those records in the grid. You can restore the view at any time. Available for non-subscribers.

Pre-defined quick filters - Many grids have pre-defined filters at the top of the grid where you can select Major Leaguers, or active players or hitters/pitchers (and more!). You can combine filters to find all players who satisfy all parameters. For example, on a draft class grid, you can click on Hitters and active to see all active hitters in the grid.

Player filter - A text box that will filter immediately based on player name as you type the player's name in the box.

Stat Type Filter - Pre-defined grid filters at top of Player stat grids that allow you to quickly view MLB, Minor League or College Stats as your focus.

Restore records - After any action above, you can RESTORE ROWS back to their original state.

Player Comparison Facilitation - Click on several players of interest within a grid (up to 25) and then click the COMPARE PLAYERS grid or the MULTI-PLAYER STAT VIEWER (MPSV) to quickly compare statistics, talent rating and biographies for the players of interest or view their players card on a single page in the MPSV.

Double-click value filtering - On larger grids, you can quickly filter on any cell by double-clicking, (not on a link though, click next to it) to view all records with that value in that column. Click "1B" in position column and only First basemen will appear. For text, the match is exact. When you click a value, it will act as a minimum. So if you're on a stat grid and you want to filter out pitchers and non-regulars, click on "Hitters" in the grid header and then double-click the minimum # of at bats you want to display. If you see player has 101 at bats, double-click that and all the players with less at bats will disappear.

Stat Leader display - On player and team stat pages, players in the top ten will appear with a lightblue or lightgreen background per stat category. Green means #1. Else, #2-10. This is a feature that can be turned off in your SETTINGS.

stat measures management - Will be detailed in a separate article, but you have control over which batting and pitching metrics are displayed, in which order and you can also add your own custom metrics.

You can click the "GRID TOOLBOX" link above the grid to quickly review all features.