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TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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Site Updates for January 21,2022
Lucky for you I can barely leave my house and socialize here in Quebec. COVID restrictions have restaurants closed, sports practices on Zoom and vaccine passports required for any large store or any government-run alcohol store. The main reason is that our hospitals cannot handle the increase in hospitalizations due to the virus. The downside of the government running the medical system. Its not built for a change in demand. It is what it is.

But, enough COVID talk, lets talk UPDATES!!!

- Player pages now have a Positional Fielding Grid on the bottom to quickly view a player's positional evolution over his career. That's fun, right?

- Added some Lists which are essentially data categories that don't really fit anywhere. Olympic/WBC rosters, Perfect Game/Baseball America draft rankings...players who played another sport at a high level. Stuff like that. They come up first on a player page's main view, above the stats

- When signed in to PREMIUM, the header changes color to a darker blue and a gold [Premium] banner appears next to it. Just so its clear you are logged in. I might change it again. Not sure if I like the current variation.

- Injected MLB Historical Transactions from 1880s to 2012 into the Transactions section. They will be listed with an "H" status. H for History. You may notice some duplication in 2012 for some transactions but I will fix that over time. These transactions are from Retrosheet and do not include any reference to the minor leagues. Therefore, promotions/demotions are not included. It will be mostly FA signing, released, granted free agency, traded and waiver claims. Plus a few other more obscure transaction types.

- Injected Injury Data into the Transactions section as well. This is for Major Leaguers and is since the 1970s. There will be 2 records. The date of the injury with the description and [cause], if available. Plus a 2nd transaction for the activation date. Both dates are approximate. Retroactive placement on the IL/DL is not considered. As of right now, pre-2019 injury data still refers to the non-PC Disabled List.

Player Transactions pages are more complete. You will notice that there are records with "Signed to #-year contract...". I intend to research these contracts and fill in the # and $ for each, if possible.

I am proud of this site and I think the entire baseball world would enjoy using this site. Over the years, the site has become less and less visible in Google and as I investigate why, I noticed several possible reasons that I will attempt to address over the coming weeks.

If you enjoy this site, please help raise its popularity by spreading the word. Post a link in a message board, on social media or send some people our way. Even doing it once will help.