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WANTED! NCAA D1 College Baseball Stats 1965-2001
The Baseball Cube, in conjunction with The College Baseball Foundation, is working to rebuild the history of NCAA Division I college baseball statistics starting with 1965. It is an enormous task but when finished, would give TBC ~57 years of College Baseball stats history. The project has been alive for 2 years and we have been making good progress. The captured data will soon start to appear on the site.

What we are looking for:
- NCAA Division I 1965-2001
- Full Batting and Pitching Statistics (Required)
- Season Roster (if available)
- Full-time assistant coaches (if available)

What format?:
The ideal is in Excel or text format but we'll take screenshots or data dumps from any system. The only stipulation is that the stats are not partial. We're not afraid to transcribe manually.

Where can I find these stats
- Team media guides
- Conference media guides
- School libraries
- Digital Commons on school web sites
- School athletic departments
- Web sites (TBC has scoured the web but one can never fully scour the Net)
* has a vast respository of college statistics for all sports available publically BUT, most of the files are partial and includes only top batters/pitchers without any roster information. Partial is not of interest to us.

Who can help?
- You are in a school's athletics department and have access to team histories.
- You are a former player who may have media guides hanging around from your playing days.
- You are a collector of college baseball media guides.
- You attend a D1 school and are willing to to go the library to hunt down Media Guides.
- You're a college baseball fan and know of a (secret) online repository of stats.
- You're a fan and are willing to help.
* In other words, anyone can help!

Will you pay me?
Possibly but not likely. But if you provide at least 5 seasons, I can provide you with a free PREMIUM account for 6 months. If you have access to a large amount of missing stats, we may be able to work something out.

Which schools are you missing?
I don't have a public list at this time but if you check TBC and there are either no stats for a school/season or it is clear that the stats are not complete, either send us the screenshots or contact us to check first.

Let me repeat. Please do not put in a ton of work on this project without consulting TBC. If you have only a few seasons to contribute and its literally only 3 minutes of your time to take screenshots, then go ahead and send them to us. Worst case, we already have them and you lost only 3m. The Baseball Cube has a page for all D1 seasons. Check these pages before sending us anything. If the stats are already there, don't bother. If not, chances are we don't have them. We will eventually publish a list of missing seasons/schools when the list is small enough.

Thanks fellow College Baseball Fans in advance