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TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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2021 MLB Boxscore Data Finalized
The 2021 MLB Season ended in November. Retrosheet posted their data to their site in December and yet its January and TBC is now only getting around to adding 2021 boxscore data ... what. is. up. with. that.

Well, I have a good excuse. I was building the new site and deliberately pushed off data projects for 2 months. Aw, who cares, MLB players are locked out anyways and you're probably concerned with Delta and Omicron anyways.

So the boxscore data injects a whole lot of data that wasn't there before. Honestly, its been there for a few days but since you haven't visited the site since the Braves won the thing, you wouldn't have noticed. Here is what was added:

- Regular Season Boxscores and play by play log
- Playoff Boxscores and play by play log
- Team game logs
- Batting logs
- Pitching logs
- Batting lineups
- Defensive lineups
- Extended Batting/Pitching
- Starting pitcher logs
- Batting splits
- Pitcher splits (batting/pitching view)
- Baseball on this date (Standings/Games) (For 2021)
- Debuts
- New retrosheet ID numbers for 2021 debuts
- Umpire listing and metrics
- Research applications can use 2021 data

There's more but I can't remember. Trust me. TBC is adding data almost every day. You wouldn't believe how much data. So much data.

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