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TBC Site Updates

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Feature: Player Comparison Tool
The TBC Player Comparison Application is a powerful, integrated research application available to PREMIUM subscribers. The application allows you to compare between 2-25 players on biography attributes and batting/pitching statistics. The page is located under the Research section along with 18 other applications. Using the report filters, you can select your players 1 at a time using the Player List responsive search tool and then choose a range of years or ages for your analysis. For example, you can compare MLB statistics for player between the same age range, regardless of the years involved. Trout vs Bonds MLB stats before they were 24? You can do it! You can also select the level of statistical aggregation and filter out unwanted data. View stats by year or by career for either MLB only, all Minors, by level or even for College stats. The statistical component returns the stats output similar to the regular stat grids except there are a few extra fields appended to the end for batters for rate stats that can be helpful in fantasy baseball analysis. Runs/RBIs/steals per plate appearance as an example.

We understand though that manually building these reports for each analysis can be cumbersome and so we created a couple of mechanisms to speed up the process. First, you can SAVE your report. When scrolled to the top of the page, (as a subscriber of course), there is a SAVE button. You can save your query and rename it to a more friendly name and then revisit the page later by accessing your saved pages. You can use this is a starting point for future analysis. Second, you can select multiple players from any grid (where players exist) and click the "COMPARE" button from there. Your report will be built immediately.

Finally, type "compare player1,player2,player3" into the search box to immediately start your comparison. The best part about this is that you can just type it into the search box from any page. No navigation required. You can enter "compare mike trout,shohei ohtani" (exclude quotations of course) and you will be brought to an intermeidate page where you can quickly fine-tune your selection. This will still be quicker than navigation and selection from the application.

This is one of our favorite research applications and likely one of the more popular among subscribers and another great reason to consider a PREMIUM susbcription for only $19/year.