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TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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Feature: TBC Search ... Quick-Search and Site-Search
When navigating a site, I have always appreciated the ability to quickly jump to a page of interest. Though not necessarily a new feature to the latest incarnation of TBC, the search box at the top of every page provides this ability. What makes it different than past iterations is that the search result responsiveness is much faster, it allows for keyboard selecting (using up/down arrow+enter keys) and as a PREMIUM subscriber, you will be presented with ALL players for your query (or at the least the first 30), not just Major Leaguers. Of course, you can still press ENTER and see all search results for your query, which will present you with much more than just the players. For example, a search on "RICE" will display any player with this string in their name as well as Rice University, Brother Rice High School(s) and all Rice University baseball seasons available. In fact, pretty much everything to do with Rice except Rice-a-Roni.

The mobile site will also provide you with this quick-search ability which makes it great to use at the ballpark or while watching TV when you want to check out a new player's history. The mobile and desktop sites have identical content but slightly less functionality.

In addition to this search box, the TBC provides you with shortcuts to help you navigate the site. Check out the Search Tips article to find out more. Outside of some obvious ones like 'draft' or 'prospect', there are many more shortcus plus a couple more powerful.

You can compare multiple players and their biography/stats using the syntax 'compare joey votto,mike trout,shohei ohtani,sheffield'. From there, if 1 result available for each player separated by a comma, you will be taken directly to the COMPARE application and you can begin your analysis. Otherwise, you will have an opportunity to fine-tune the selection.

A similar opportunity exists for batter/pitcher matchups (MLB) where you can use the syntax 'ronald acuna vs max scherzer'. The ' vs ' is the key text to trigger the batter/pitcher matchup application.

As always, suggestions for improvement are welcome.