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TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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2021 College Summer League Stats
The College Summer League stats for 2021 have been added to the site and is now available in the Summer League Data Product as well. This year, there are 262 teams added for 26 different leagues. New leagues include the Sunset League and the 2 new MLB partner leagues: The Appalachian League and the MLB Draft League. Most players are currently attending college as underclassmen while a smaller proportion are incoming College Freshmen. Not all players are bridged to a TBC ID# and therefore, when viewing the stats, not all players will be linked to a TBC page. They are only linked if they already had a profile.

As a tag-along project, I went back 2 years to try to re-bridge some of the unbridged summer league stats and was able to link several records to an existing player.

All of the Summer League teams have their win-loss record and division rank included and, if available, their head coach. Summer League stats appear in the "OTHER" section on player pages and under the College Baseball section. Summer League stats are quite possibly the longest, most arduous data collection activity of the year due to the quantity of players/teams and the difficulty in bridging players.

Here is the list of 2021 Leagues added:

  • Alaska Summer League
  • Appalachian League
  • Atlantic Collegiate
  • Cal Ripken League
  • California Collegiate League
  • Cape Cod League
  • Coastal Plain League
  • Florida Collegiate League
  • Futures League
  • Great Lakes Collegiate League
  • Hamptons League
  • Kansas Collegiate League
  • MINK League
  • MLB Draft League
  • New England Collegiate League
  • New York Collegiate
  • Northwoods League
  • Perfect Game League
  • Prospect League
  • Southern Collegiate League
  • Sun Belt League
  • Sunflower Collegiate League
  • Sunset League
  • Texas Collegiate League
  • Valley League
  • West Coast League