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TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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2021 College Stats (non-D1) and Dwight, Michael and Jim get a desk
One of the bigger projects each year is the compilation of the 2021 non-D1 college stats. This includes NCAA Divisions 2 and 3 as well as the NAIA for 4-year schools. For 2-year Junior Colleges, we capture the NJCAA, CCCAA and NWAC leagues. For all teams, we have included all player stats but only player pages for those who already had a page on our site. This could be due to being on a D1 team at one point or being drafted. For each school, we include team record, head coach and ballpark (if available). The addition of the 2021 stats means we now have full stats (virtually) since 2017 for all college levels.

I began COVID working on a dining room table with a dining room chair. After 3 months, my core began to ache. So I bought an office chair. After 6 more months of working on an office chair in the dining room, I finally decorated my space with 3 Funko Office characters. Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert. After 3 more months of sitting in the dining room with an office chair and a slightly decorated workspace, I realised that every meeting is interrupted by piano practice, my wife's new customer service job and general house traffic and so I built an office in the basement and used an old 1970s collapsible table as my desk.

And now, after 6 more months of working in a dedicated office space in the basement on a collapsible table with 3 Funko pops on the edge and multiple baseball photos on the wall, I finally bought a desk at Costco. So 18 months into 15 days to slow the spread, I am finally equipped to work from home.

Enjoy the College data!