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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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Salaries, Payroll and My Laptop Power Cord is a Snake
2021 player salaries have been added as have opening day payrolls for MLB Organizations for 2021. This is normally added in April since most salaries are available prior to the season. Any subsequent callup is normally earning minimum baseball wage or close to it. I will blame COVID-19 for my tardiness. Seems like a viable scapegoat though entirely untrue.

I remember reading Dirk Hayhurst's book (Maybe This one? or perhaps this one) where he said that a promotion to the Blue Jays roster and subsequent extension by a few days allowed him to pay for his wedding and possibly a down payment on his house. There is a lot to be said about how Minor Leaguers are treated. It is not so much how they are paid but how they are expected to fend for themselves. I don't know enough about the details to give my input but I hope someday they can create a campus situation where they take care of their players at the very least if they are not willing to pay them. I.e. feed them, house them, provide them with everything basic they need in addition to paying them a fair wage. Annnnyways, I will stay in my lane.

Its hot here. Its above 30 degrees. 30 degree CELSIUS. That's 86 farenheit. Probably in the US, you guys are in the mid-100s. I don't know. This is hot for us. I personally love it. Many others here don't. My wife does not. She melts. She has red hair and very pale complexion. She freckles and melts. I tan like someone from southern Europe. Is that a thing? I can rock a tan. My softball-dad sock tans are legendary.

I work outside during the day often. Even in this heat. I worked outside yesterday morning. I brought the laptop in at lunch time, leaving my power cord outside. I jogged my standard 8km (~5 miles, I will save you a google conversion query) and though it was tough in the heat, I survived. I decided to work the remainder of the day inside and went to fetch my power cord and then, almost... and i say almost because it was verrrry close ... I almost grabbed a snake. YESSSSS, a snake was literally 8 inches from my power cord. It seemed to even mirror the curves of the cord. And both were black. Though the snake was not plugged into the extension cord. It was a garter snake so I didn't freak out but at the same time, I was creeped out my default. I am not a snake person. I know there are snake people. See previous sentence. Moral of the story: Don't show your wife a snake.