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Draft Signing Bonuses and Team Canada injures my Daughter
The signing deadline has come and gone and Kumar Rocker is in baseball limbo. The baseball world is appalled that he does not have the right to sign with another team. Some argue that its important to maintain the integrity of the draft and limit the players to sign with their drafting teams so if players aren't happy where they are drafted, they can't bypass directly to free agency, thus making the rich richer again. However, in Rocker's case, many say that it was the Mets decision not to sign him. I don't know where I stand on this issue. I'm not always on the side of the players like a lot of baseball pundits.

There are 566 signed players out of the 612 drafted. Rocker is the highest unsigned with Florida's Jud Fabian, at #40, the 2nd highest. The only other unsigned player in the top 10 rounds is Alex Ulloa, a high school player out of Florida.

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On Monday, my daughter tried out for Team Canada softball. The Junior team. For god's sake, she's only 17 my friend, relax there. Anyways, the coaches are roaming around the country and looking for talent. Quebec has some high-end talent this year. Many College-bound players, including my little second basegirl. Annnnywayyyys... it was an all-day event. A combine in the morning. Metrics. Measurements. Speeds. Exit Velocity, home to first, second to home. Pop times and stolen base speeds. The afternoon was supposed to be a scrimmage among the players. I sat out the morning combine and arrived at the park at 1:30 to watch the scrimmage. But when I got there, the second basegirl was waving to me from the bench. Okkkkaaayyy. I went to the bleachers to sit with the other parents. I assumed she was just waiting her turn to bat. A few seconds later, the star catcher's parents turn around and tell me daughter was hit in the eye by a groundball. Whaaaaatttt? The eye?? What did Team Canada do to my daughter???? Did they break my kid? I walk briskly back to the dugout for some intel. What happened?? "A ball took a crazy hop and bounced off my forehead." The eye is fine. Whew. A big red mark is over the eye. It might say Rawlings. Not sure. "Concussion?" I ask. "I don't think so." she replies. She knows what a concussion feels like already. "No mask?" I ask. "No mask." she replies. I look at the field. It is dry and hard. I shake my head. "Are you done?". I ask. "They told me its safer to just not play anymore today in case it is a concussion."

Sooooo... the good news is that she's okay. She has a bump. She will wear a mask on these types of fields. Her mouth guard might have saved her from concussion. I don't knooooowwwwww. But it ended a disappointing day. We had no aspirations for Team Canada. She was there for the experience. She eats and sleeps the game and this was another opportunity to play for the day and get a free Team Canada tee.

Team Canada breaking your daughter...just another story for the Travel Softball book I may someday write.