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TBC Site Updates

The TBC Data Store allows you to purchase some standard datasets available on the site or even request a custom extract of your own design!
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2021 Draft Added and my SUV has a pointy hat
Congratulations to Louisville catcher Henry Davis on his sprint to #1 on the final lap of the MLB Draft. Jack Leiter and Kumar (pronounced koo-maar) Rocker went head-to-head until Leiter threw a no-no and a half. And then as Leiter took the lead, the High School shortstops made their move and the next thing you know, Davis is #1, Leiter gets #2 and Rocker drops to #10. The full 2021 draft has been added to TBC with player profiles for all players. Signing and bonus information will start appearing soon.

Don't forget we have the TBC Draft Register which provides you a list of all historical picks in Excel format. Note that you get a 25% discount if you sign up to TBC PREMIUM. Within a few months, the PREMIUM section will be even better so better to get in on the ground floor with the cheap price of $19 for the full year.

Today is also a great day in that my SUV was fitted with a little pointy hat that said "Driving Test in Progress" and my oldest passed and I have 1 foot now in the door of freedom. And of course, that means more time for data retrieval and programming for the site so this benefits YOU as well my faithful comment-less blog reader.

Also some good news in Canada. Non-essential Americans can now visit... or I think that was actually Americans can now come for non-essential reasons. Something like that. on August 9th. So that's good stuff right there.

More updates coming soon as we get through the end of the 2021 College Season data as well