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Minor League Stats and Vaccinated Cube
Most of you are American so most of you are already vaccinated against COVID-19. In Canada, in Quebec, we are far behind. We don't manufacture the Vaccine. We have to buy it. We are behind the US and Europe. Quebec has recently started vaccinating the general population while the rest of Canada is still working on Seniors. You are most likely American and you should be thankful every day that you are.

So I stood in line for 90 minutes. Slowly moving. From outside. Up the stairs. 2nd floor. Down the hallway. Hand sanitizer every 20 metres. In the room now. A pre-poke nurse asks me several questions. Asks me if I have coagulation issues. A man nearby says "I don't even know what coagulation means". I'm not 100% sure I do either. The 2nd nurse pokes me in the left arm. A clock is set to 15 minutes and then a 3rd nurse gives me a paper telling me when to come back in 4 months. Yes. In Quebec, its 4 months between the 2 vaccines. But they promise us a summer better than the last. For me, I don't really care. The only loss for me is my daughter's provincial softball team has nobody to play against. We can't travel. So its a year of playing weaker competition. Drat.

Minor League Stats are being updated daily now. 4 levels and 11 Leagues. 2019 and 2020 draft picks making their pro picks all at once. Did you know you can track your favourite minor leaguers through our Player Tracker? YEEEEEAAAAHHH. It comes with the PREMIUM service ($19/year). Daily updates of minor leaguers where you can see season stats and daily stats. Its rad. Its gnarley. Its lit. Its cool. It doesn't matter your generation, its great! I mean $19/year is barely $2/month. Seems like a no-brainer to me. I purchased an account from myself and I am very happy about that.

You can even get a daily email with your stats though this costs more ($50 1-time fee). Several subscribers have opted in to the email.

75% of our focus is on building a dedicated PREMIUM section where the code is specific to PREMIUM and not shared with the free version of the site. This means, no consideration of advertising placement. Pure data display considerations.

The daughter continues to try to get noticed by Colleges and is currently considering a team in New York to use as a springboard to a D1/D2 school. Its not easy to be in Canada and be a softball player when the Softball world is in the US. Its also incredibly inconvenient to be in Canada during COVID-19 times when the US is playing on while Canada is on hold. The comp would be Jose Altuve for the daughter. Though I am tall, the daughter is 5-4 and has speed, defensive ability, good IQ and occasional power and an absolute unparalleled dedication to the sport. If you are a college recruiter, (call me).