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TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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PREMIUM + TRACKER and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Together at last, the PREMIUM service (Chocolate) and the TRACKER service (Peanut Butter) have collided and are now in 1 yummy product. The Tracker, in email format for many years has been merged with the PREMIUM Service. The emails are gone (though I can revive it for a fee for those still interested) but instead, you are now provided with 200 players and the ability to view the stats online whenever you want. I know I'm sugar-coating it (pun intended) beacase many of you liked the emails but to be 100% transparent, it wasn't working for ME. I know, I know. Its not about me, its about the customer. But hear me out. It was way too difficult for me to support. Emails would fail. Returned from destination server, blocked by my own. Invalid email addresses. Complaints of partial emails. I know, I know, you provide a service, you need to support it. And I did. I tried. I had to manually send out many of the emails each morning. It was time consuming (sad emoji). So the decision was made to scrap the emails and move the tracking to the site (happy emoji).

So now, the PREMIUM service will not only provide you with an ad-free surfing experience, access to our research tools and data store discounts (Plus some other goodies) but you will also automatically be signed up for the Tracker with a whopping 200 players.

WHAT IS THE TRACKER!???!?!? Ok, well you don't have to yell the question but since you asked. The TRACKER is a service that allows you to select up to 200 players and view their stats together on a designated page. You can add/remove players whenever you want and the Tracker will update automatically. You can view the stats as SEASON stats or from the prior day. Stats are updated daily for MLB, a few times a week for Minor Leagues and once or twice a week for College (D1).

If you need more information on the TRACKER or PREMIUM or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact the Cube.