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TBC Site Updates

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Partnership with College Baseball Foundation
The Baseball Cube is proud to announce a partnership with the College Baseball Foundation (CBF). CBF's purpose is to preserve and recognize the history of College Baseball, which works perfectly with TBC's plan to rebuild the recent history (1965-present) of College Baseball Stats for D1 schools.

The partnership is centered around a collaborative effort using CBF's industry connections and TBC's technical acumen to collect and store as many seasons of stats as possible. The project on my side has been underway for several months. More than 2100 school/seasons between 1965 and 2001 have been captured so far and the process of loading stats and players has slowly begun. In parallel, CBF, and hopefully others out there, will work on obtaining old media guides, screenshots of stats and rosters and whatever else they can get their hands on. The results, hopefully available within 18 months, would be 56 years of college baseball preserved on both TBC and CBF with the data living at TBC and an enhancement to the CBF web site with links for each team/season.

I have called out to site visitors in the past to help with this project. Especially if you currently attend a University or played D1 at some point and have some media guides hanging around. The plan is to crowdsource all missing seasons. Stats and Rosters. I have spoken to former players in the past who were willing to send in PDF or JPG's of their stats. So I am putting out another official call for help with this long-term project!

Simply use the contact form to let me know if you have anything to offer to the project.

Thanks in advance!