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TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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Prospects Updated
February and March are baseball prospect season! Leading rankings sites such as Baseball America and MLB Pipeline provide their rankings for teams, organizations and a more generalized MLB ranking list. Its essentially a gift to baseball fans who are mostly unable to evaluate player talent for minor leaguers. Scouting and evaluation is a difficult task and requires aggregation of information to get a full picture. BA and Pipeline are well-connected to industry scouts and so can come up with lists based on their handling of this information.

TBC has been tracking prospects for quite a while now and this year, we've injected additional data. First though, we added rankings for 4 sites. Baseball America, MLB Pipeline, Baseball Prospectus and FanGraphs. For Baseball America and Pipeline, we added Top 30 team lists as well. The additional data was Top 30 lists by team for Baseball America for 2001-2018. We already had 1-10 and have now injected 11-30. But that's not all!! We also added Top 30s by team for Baseball Prospectus for 2019-2020 and FanGraphs for 2020.

16,151 prospect records were added and there are now 35,182 records in the prospects database covering 39 years (1983-2021). Each player page will have a list of their historical prospects rankings so you can track their progress over their minor league career.

Don't forget I have the PREMIUM service for you as well. For $19/year, the main benefit is the absence of ads though there are some other added features as well including data store discounts and research applications. There have been a lot of signups since I began the service last year and many have renewed which, to me, is a vote FOR the service.

In response to the positive feedback, I am currently working on a new PREMIUM site that will be better than the current version. The main benefit being that it can be built with 100% focus on data and 0% focus on advertising placement. Ad placement has always been a challenge and has always prevented me from realizing my vision of a data-centric site with 100% focus on user experience. The ads are a necessary evil but with PREMIUM, your $19 signup will allow me to give you the best data experience possible. More to come on this over the coming months with a possible soft launch coming in late summer.