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TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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2021 D1 Rosters/Bios Updated
One of those long daunting projects each Fall/Winter that takes a lot of discipline to get through. The College Roster project includes not only adding a player profile for all new D1 players for the new college season but also includes bio information and links to existing college or high school stats in our database to build as complete of a history as possible for incoming D1 players, whether Freshmen, JUCO Transfers or transfers from D2/D3/NAIA.

For 2021, there was some flux where some schools dropped programs (Boise State,Chicago State,Furman) and a few new D1 programs were added (Dixie State,UCSD,Tarleton State,Bellarmine). Always sad when a program is dropped but for Boise State, they had just added the Baseball program for 2020 after 40 years. ID# 20375, we hardly knew ya! The total # of schools updated was 301. Only Princeton has not posted their 2021 roster.

The addition of the 2021 players means that TBC now has 20 years of College Player Bios. (2002-2021 inclusive).

I'll be announcing very soon, in more detail, a partnership with The College Baseball Foundation, the keepers of the College Baseball Hall of Fame. We'll be working together on building college baseball history since 1965 which will include stats and as many player bios as can be unarchived from old Media Guides.

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