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TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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Tracker Update + HCBOW
First of all, Happy College Baseball Opening Weekend (HCBOW)! An exciting time for those of us who like the College game and haven't see any action for a year.

For the PLAYER TRACKER, I promised you an update....

A little back story. Managing this site is difficult. A few years ago, someone recommended to me that I offer a daily service for stats and the service has been a success. However, things have evolved to the point where promising a daily morning email has become more and more difficult. For 1, the email servers themselves are often rejecting the trackers. The data source for stats is becoming more and more difficult to work with. And the forced early wake up is not conducive to my life and so I have made a decision to move the player tracker to all PREMIUM subscribers.

What you will get is 200 player slots (contact me if you need more, we'll work out a price) where you can add/remove players whenever you like. You will be able to view your player's stats for the current season on the site, when logged in to your PREMIUM account. There will be no more emails.

There will also not be any guarantee of daily updates or a specific time of date update. The intention IS to update daily but it might not occur. And so you will not see the player's stats for the prior day nor will you see the stats accumulated between updates. What you'll see is the season stats.

You can also expect to see improvements to this section over time and I will gladly take suggestions.

I apologize to those who have relied on the email and the certain morning daily updates. It was unsustainable to me and I feel a great relief to shift these tasks to other parts of the day and to them a little less frequently.

If you have already paid for your TRACKER in 2021 and want a refund, let me know.
If you have already paid for your TRACKER but want to shift it to PREMIUM but do not have a PREMIUMaccount, please let me know and you can simply pay the different for your PREMIUM account.
If you are interested in this new TRACKER but have never used the daily service, please sign up to a PREMIUM account.