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2020 Service Time
2020 Service Time has been added for all players who played at least 1 game in the Major Leagues in 2020.

There were 1320 players. I believe 875 of them played for the Marlins. Amid these 1320 players, the top 5 were:

20.000 Albert Pujols
17.101 Miguel Cabrera
16.123 Yadier Molina
16.093 Oliver Perez
16.057 Zach Greinke

Service Time is displayed on player pages as YY.DDD where YY is the number of years on a Major League roster (Includes Injured List time) and DDD is the # of days. A Major League season is typically 183-187 days. In 2020, since only 60 games were played in 67 days,a ratio was used to pro-rate the service time into the full season. Therefore, a player on the roster for 1 day would get 3 days of service time.