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TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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MLB Height/Weight update
Player bios are normally initiated when they start at a D1 college or are drafted/signed. This means that they are usually 18 years old are less and their height/weight attributes are for a teenager and not an adult male. And since I don't really have any yearly project to update these values, you'll often have seen many Major Leaguers weighing in at 170 which is most likely their Freshman Year weight.

All that to say, I have gone through all current 40-man rosters and updated the Height/Weight values. Many heights changed and almost all weights changed. Some players gained 100 pounds. Not many lost weight. Maybe 2 or 3. Many gained 50-60 pounds. Some gained 2 inches of height. The data is a bit better today.

COVID continues to cause issues in Quebec. We are on a partial-lockdown. Cases started rising and the government closed restaurants and bars and banned team sports and any social gathering. In other words, we are allowed to go to work and school and we are allowed to shop. Cases have risen to 1000/day and have peaked, much like March/April but no strain on hospital system that we can see. The science seems to be all things are possible until they are not. Even though it "seems" like spreading is only happening out of crowded bars with bad ventilation systems. I have heard of no spread at a sporting event and yet sports are banned. Even for elite teams. No exceptions. My daughter is practicing 3x a week in the garage with her team with her coach pushing them from a little square on a little laptop.

I wear my mask and follow all the rules. But it doesn't mean I am happy with these draconian decisions.