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TBC Site Updates

TBC Site Updates

The TBC Data Store allows you to purchase some standard datasets available on the site or even request a custom extract of your own design!
Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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2020 MLB Stats + Slight Focus Shift
MLB stats being updated is not a big deal. 1000 other sites have up-to-date, more comprehensive MLB stats. This site update is more about my shift in focus.

TBC cannot be everything to everyone. It cannot offer intense in-season data while also building a comprehensive history. We are not a major corporation with a staff of many.

Though we will continue to offer in-season data where possible, the focus is going to gradually shift towards building up historical data for all levels as well as building unique datasets not available anywhere else. This includes College, High School and as someone suggested to me, travel ball. It means building a player page that is longer than it is wide. More categories, more datasets, less analysis. You can do your own analysis on the data or you can use it to supplement your visits to FanGraphs.

Some exciting projects coming your way...keep checking in!