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TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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Stats for 5000+ HS Players
So TBC PREMIUM is going well despite the pandemic which has resulted in the sudden cancellation of the College Baseball season as well as the full minor league season. Not to mention the delayed MLB season. I am happy with the membership so far and I haven't received any negative feedback so I will take that as a good sign.

The PREMIUM section, for those who don't know, eliminates ads and provides access to the research tools and includes data store discounts as well as some other goodies. One of them is High School stats integrated into player pages.

Though its true that I don't have stats for all schools and in fact, its quite hard to find stats for many schools. In the case where stats are not available, I will capture the player roster. Is there any value in seeing an empty stat line in a player's stat grid for his high school team? At the very least, it will confirm he played for that team and you'll be able to see his teammates. How he did exactly? You can assume that if he went D1 or PRO, that he did quite well...

Anyyyyyyyways, the # of players with statistics now stands at 5,045 and I am quite proud of this. I add about 50 players each day so perhaps by opening day next year, we'll be at 10,000.

Note that I am capturing stats from the schools with the most alumni, in descending order. This is intended for efficiency, to capture the most players with the least work. You'll notice that these schools trend towards the south so lots of California, Florida, Texas, Georgia and even Nevada.

So JOIN TBC PREMIUM and enhance your player stats grid with High School data (if available of course)!