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Looking for D1 College Stats 1965-2001
Big project. Looking to rebuild College Baseball stats history. Starting with D1. TBC has 2002-present at about 99.8% completion. Now, trying to fill in historical stats.

Ideally, I am looking for Stats and Roster info. It would be ideal to have complete player bio information for all these players but I would settle for stats only. To obtain stats and roster info, media guides are required.

So this is where YOU come in. I'm looking for anyone with access to College Baseball Media Huides. If you go to a D1 University that has ever had baseball, and if you are actually on campus OR have access to any digital collections, please contact me and if you are able to get access to your school's media guide archives OR, you are a former player and have some lying around your house, LET ME KNOW!!

For those willing to help, I will provide a free TBC PREMIUM account for 6 months. Maybe has no value for you but its a gesture nonetheless.

BEFORE you do any research, please contact me and let me know your intentions so I can tell you what I need. I have lots of data for 1965-2001 and I wouldn't want you to do work for nothing. Note that I don't actually need the physical media guides, just readable screenshots of the stats and roster pages along with a couple of other attributes (Coaches + Team Record + Conference)

Looking forward to hearing from you my fellow baseball fans.