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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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Injured List history 1970-2019
The Baseball Cube (that's me) has a new data product in the data store that I think might be underpriced so it might be a good time to get it now. For $45, you can get a list of all Injured List (IL) appearances for Major Leaguers since 1970 PLUS the added bonus of minor league IL appearances since 2012.

This is what COVID has produced so far for TBC (still me). Not only do you get a list of all injuries for Major Leaguers active since 1970, you get the nature of the injury (most of the time) and sometimes, you even get the CAUSE of the injury. The CAUSE (gotta capitalize for some reason) is a secondary project and so that field will eventually get filled in wherever possible.

BUT (more capitals) you gotta understand, this was a LARGE project and has LITCHERALLY (Rob Lowe. Parks and Rec) thousands of injury records and so finding the actual injury is not always possible. BUT I have ACTUALLY found LOTS OF THEM!!!

Local COVID update: Quebec continues to power forward. I know things in your part of the world may not be as positive at the moment but it will someday and things may go sour here as well. This is but a moment in time. But for right now, we're pretty much fully open with people taking precautions and a nice respectful coexistence between masks/no-masks. The government has mandated masks on/in public transport which is a good idea considering prolonged exposure to a person with the virus is likely high risk.

The kid's softball is well underway and there are virtually no changes to the game experience. The only thing worth noting is the umpires call pitches from the base path. 1 umpire on each side of the diamond. When a lefty bats, the third-base umpire moves closer to the middle and for righties, its the first-base umpire. These are the best teen-aged female players in Quebec. Pitchers throw in the 60s and the speed of the game is close to college. The other changes are that the girls stand in outfield foul territory and try to keep distance between each other. Each team keeps their own ball for pitchers. A parent volunteer takes down all the names and phone#s of the many spectators (60-100 per game). This parent also washes the balls and bench frequently during the game.

Under the circumstances, I think we have reached the new normal and will probably hover here for a while. Talk soon!