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TBC Site Updates

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2020 College Player Bios - Division I
All player bios for 2020 Division I College Baseball Players have been updated. 301 schools. Very many players. Lots of work. Glad it's done for the year.

A "Bio" for college players includes their Birthplace, Date of birth (if available, else estimate year of birth), height, weight, bats, throws, high school, other colleges attended and proper name (also if available). Some player bios are complete while some others are less complete but I can assure that I tried for all of them.

This means that we have full College Bios for 19 Division I years. (2002-2020)

As with all data, its available in the data store for purchase. It can be part of the All Player Bios product or you can request a custom extract of College Bios only. Put me to work!