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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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Don't Mess with borderline MLBers
My daughter is only 15. She wants to play US College Softball. She oscillates between typical teenage girl and softall fanatic. We watch NCAA Softball games at the dining room table. She rewinds all the great plays. She understands almost EVERYTHING about the game. She knows all the Power-5 colleges. We practice outside every 2nd day for an hour. Her team practices 5 times a week on Zoom. I'm her catcher on Wednesday mornings, headphones on for my own daily huddle with my own workteam. I'm talking about data while she is throwing me changeups and drops. At nights, in darkness, I stand in the driveway launching missiles into the square-spotlight of the garage with my daughter standing in front of a net, working on backhands. 50 backhands. 50 short-hops. 50 more to her left. I can't throw hard enough to defeat her. The cars prone behind me, she hits my glove with her throws everytime. We're in Canada. We're in a good program but its not that easy to get noticed up here for College softball. My daughter wants D1. She will settle for D2. But I don't know. She's good but I don't know.

And so when I hear podcasts or see tweets or posts about how an MLB player sucks...the bench player who bats .190 who is struggling to stay in The Show. Fans watching only the tip of the iceberg above the water, ignoring all that is below. The fathers who practiced with them in the backyard. The mothers making the long drives for travel ball. The sacrifice. The grit. The injuries. Minor and Major. Those gd lessons learned. Those flippant comments about how "That player sucks". Imagine, if the parents of that player saw that tweet/post, after having spent those nights and days in the backyard. Sitting in their Columbia folding chairs, legs on a cooler while their kids competed and learned life lessons in front of them. Your flippant comment sends a surge of pain into that family. And for what? Twitter is public. Its not a private joke among friends in a sealed off living room. We give our entire summer away for our kids...don't get me wrong, we love it, is a lifestyle...but to have it dismissed so quickly... Screw you.

I jokingly insult my daughter a lot when we play. The rule is I compliment her when its warranted. She knows this. She likes this. She is mentally tough. I throw her grounder after grounder and I tell her "You're like a vaccuum cleaner out there" and she smiles and says "Thanks!". "No" I reply. "Its because you suck." She stops, puts her hands on her hips and starts to laugh and then snaps it to her friends. I tell her "I am going to miss this someday." She replies stoicly. "Me too". I turn away and tears privately flow down my face.

No baseball data updates this week. Working on some bigger projects, mostly related to a Disabled List history project. I have the data, just in process of compiling:

  • This Baseball Card is a good preview of what to expect for the 2020 season.
  • As I work on this Injury research project, I am also looking for cause of injury and its always interesting to see the off-field injuries. Lifting a tire, going pee in the middle of the night, sitting in a car too long, playing with a child... It also makes me wonder why baseball just doesn't do the hockey-thing and go with the binary Lower Body Injury vs Upper Body Injury. (I'm REALLY glad they don't)
  • Saw the movie I,Tonya and I loved it. If you remember the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding before the 1994 Olympics, this is from the perspective of Harding.
  • Florida State player Elijah Cabell might remind you, by name, of 80s player Enos Cabell. But he should remind you of Don Baylor. 15 HBP in 17 games in 2020. Ouchie.
  • how in the heck does Google know that when I type Florida State bsebla anchovies that I meant Florida State Baseball Archives.
  • Speaking of Google, I'm very close to aborting searches from this powerhouse. I like the search engine well enough, but I noticed that when i was doing search for causes of death of players that it would provide a large box at the top that often provided me with the wrong cause of death. It was "guessing". Not only that, but that "Knowledge Panel" at the top is essentially stealing content from sites. So if you search on a question. Maybe you ask Google "Will raccoons attack humans" (Yes, I searched on that), Google will answer the question for you by stealing the content from a site and thus, reducing ad revenue for the site that had the answer to your question. This seems very unethical to me. I know that Google giveth a lot and maybe it taketh away a little but it still seems kinda douchey. Considering DuckDuckGo if I can get the strength to change habits and browser default settings.