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TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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Draft Database Update
I'm always trying to improve the TBC Draft Section. Though I have all historical draft picks in there, the undrafted free agent signings needed a data infusion.

So this latest update was a pass through recent Media Guides for all 30 MLB Teams (29 actually, 1 file was corrupt) and I added signing scouts to drafted players where possible, and a record for a player's initial signing. Without bonuses. Bonuses are not listed in media guides. There were 2800+ records added for UDFA and about 1000 players had their signing scout added.

I have some products in the Data Store if you are interested in having your own CSV (Excel-compatible) version of my draft database:
  • Draft Register - Includes all historical draft picks since 1965. Thta is, 1 row per draft pick with draft pick details including draft day (Round/Overall/Team/Phase) and where he was drafted from plus some bio info. It is missing Bonus information.
  • Signing Bonuses - Draft - This data product includes a list of all records with the draft pick's signing bonus, if available. The number of records in this report is less than the Draft Register. There are 9,614 records currently in this data product.
  • Signing Bonuses - UDFA - These are the mostly International signings. Its not as easy to find bonus information for these players and the numbers are only as a good as the source. There are 1786 records in this database.

    Don't forget... A TBC PREMIUM account gets you a 25% on data product prices as well as generous discounts on custom requests. Only $19 and good for a full year. Also with a PREMIUM account, you will soon have access to my SUPER PROFILE pages.