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TBC Site Updates

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News and Notes for April 19,2020
Another week at home. Many more to come. I'll be one of the last to go back since I am able to WFH (work from home as we say in the industry). The collective morale of the collective is starting to burn. The novelty of forced lockdown and perpetual LFH (living from home as we say in the industry) is wearing off. The movement towards opening up is gaining steam and is headed towards 1.21 gigawatts of power, at which point Doc and Marty will leave their homes and socially distance in 1955.

I continue to be positive and focus on the good news wherever I can find it. You kinda have to know where to look for it. I continue to run and exercise and I try to eat well but that's not always easy when you're not respecting social distancing rules with the the BBQ chips. "6 feet!" I yell at the Ruffles bag. It crinkles back at me, its pink chip-clip glaring at me. Its not that I am anxious to run free through the world. I am anxious for a change in trajectory from sustained gloom to sustained hope. Right now, I feel as if we are fighting hard to get there.

The epicenter of Canada is Montreal but I am not in the city and my area, though affected, is spread out and moderately socially distanced by default. As I jog the streets each day, I am seeing less and less people walking on the streets as well as less and less concern for distance. I suspect the novelty of both quarantine and spring has worn off. I can palpably feel the morale starting to wane and the weak characters around me (not in my house) continue to get weaker.

Other Notes:
  • Though not much new to add, data projects are still in turbo mode with lots of new stuff around the corner.
  • I added information for the Futures Game to the Player Notes, available only in the PREMIUM section.
  • The High School section, also a PREMIUM feature is moving along with 2922 school/seasons and stats for 3338 players. This means 3338 players who already had player profiles have high school stats integrated with their college and/or pro stats. There are thousands of more high school players on the high school team page. I bet you are in there...
  • Why is when I search on Baseball Card Player Name (I use this as a default search for when I look for specific players), 2 of the cards in the first row are for Dick Pole and Rusty Kuntz?
  • Speaking of some other great baseball names, what about Max Power, Jackson O'Boy and Owen Sharts.
  • Still without a team since 2004, I adopted the Astros as my team (BANDWAGON!) after they won the World Series. Mostly because I loved the way Alex Bregman played and I loved the broadcasters. On a Florida spring training trip in 2019, I bought myself a beautiful Astros-orange #2 Alex Bregman t-shirt and an Astros baseball cap. While at my beer-league softball game, one of my teammates, who apparently works as a distributor for the '47 brand, saw my Astros gear and said he had many samples remaining that happened to be Astros caps and so he brought me 2 at the subsequent game. So now I had 3 Astros baseball caps and I wore them proudly. Fast forward to the banging scheme and I found myself reluctant to wear them anymore. That's part I.
  • Part II ... I was in Florida again this part March and I had planned to buy a new hat because all of mine had become unwearable. My Blue Jays hat was dirty and the Astros hats were now gauche. So I decided to go the college route ... but you Americans did not tell me what happens when you buy a college hat. Apparently in the US of A, if you wear a college hat, it means you went to that school. It is a bat-signal to alumni or fans of your school to gather around you and pepper you with questions. In my country, we don't wear college hats. We don't have school athletic pride. Its not a thing. So after buying my Navy/Gold Michigan hat, In 7 days, I had 12 different comments from friendly Floridians asking me if I was from Michigan. One of the commenters caught me while I was walking up the boardwalk to exit the beach. Wearing my #8 Ripken t-shirt with the "M" hat, he looked me up and down and said "I'm Confused ... where are you from??." I yelled at him. Inside of my head of course, but it was loud... "ITS NOT A SIGN! I JUST LIKE THE HAT! I LIKE RIPKEN! IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING" . But now I know so before my next jaunt to the US (and who knows when that will be), I will read the Ann Arbor Wikipedia page and maybe memorize the Wolverines fight song and start to play along a little bit. I'll buy a Tim Allen t-shirt and a #91 Fedorov jersey. Maybe a Barry Sanders #20. I'll be ready next time... I'm talking to you beach-guy. I'll be ready!!