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TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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I added Team USA Stats to the "Other Stats" section. These are college players who played for Team USA in the summer. Usually the top College Players of the year. Underclassmen. They play Internationally mostly. Maybe they played in the Olympics too. The stats won't be linked so you can't see the full Team USA stats. You can only view by player. For now. The data goes back to 1984. I am missing 1988. The Team USA web site made a mistake for 1988. So...

So for COVID-19, we're still locked down here. But there are rumors that kids may go back to school in May. The tactical retreat may soon be done. Phase 2 looks like it will be a bit less restrictive. My daughter's AAA softball team received word they are committed to making something of their season. They do batting practice on ZOOM. They do workouts twice a week on ZOOM. Tomorrow is pitching practice on ZOOM. Whether it means they play locally only or only in adjacent provinces (no US), I don't know. But I'm encouraged by their dedication.

When the poop hits the fans, you find out a lot about the people in your life. Though I haven't lost any friends, I am finding that about half the people in my life have been impossible to talk to during this pandemic. Their fear is palpable. Their outrage is scary. It is clear they watch the mainstream news almost constantly. They parrot worse-case scenarios. You can almost hear the shaking in their voice. That contagious feeling of doom that permeates your skin and shakes the very ground you stand on. "We'll be indoors until they find a vaccine". If they hadn't said it, you wouldn't have felt this. The truth is that it is these people, and what the pandemic has done to them, that scares me far more than the virus.

Stay positive. Stay away from the negative people and more importantly, don't become one. Be that strong, positive, courageous person. What makes you courageous is that in the face of adversity, the same adversity billions of other are facing, you have chosen to be positive and make the most it. Tell the people the good news you have heard. Tell them the best case scenario can happen too. Send them positive articles. Maybe its because I have been through worse things than this. Maybe its because I have faith that things will work out, no matter what the issue is. Maybe I have learned this is the only way to be.