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TBC Site Updates

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Articles related to site updates and possibly some ranting.
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Player Notes - PREMIUM Feature
You now have the ability, as a TBC PREMIUM subscriber to enter notes for any player that will now stick to your player page. The notes will appear on the right-hand side, next to the Player Biograpny. The notes can be entered as Public or Private. Public notes will appear for all subscribers while Private notes will appear for your account only. Remember this feature is only available to PREMIUM subscribers.

In addition to the user notes, TBC will also be entering notes for players that will be available for subscribers to see. TBC will limit notes being added to non-opinion. We won't be scouting players but we may add 3rd party scouting grades or other factual information on a player. You are free to add whatever type of note you like. Other users will see whether the note was added by TBC or another user. Please keep the notes PG. Though the notes will appear to other users with the word "USER" next to it, TBC will know exactly who wrote the offending note.

The notes can be entered as one large note or many individual notes. You will have the ability to delete the notes but not edit. To edit a note would mean deleting and re-submitting.

This is ideal for your fantasy team or for scouts who want to save their notes on a particular player page and keep them private for themselves. Fans may want to share their scouting reports on players for other users to see.

There will be more enhancements to this feature in the future.