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2020 College Coaching Staffs
All Head Coaches and paid assistant coaches have been added to Division I schools. Why only paid coaches? I don't know man. I draw lines in the sand and I stick to them.

According to my records, there were 21 coaching changes for 2020:

Bryant - Ryan Klosterman
Cal State Northridge - Dave Serrano
Fairleigh Dickinson - Rob Ditoma
Loyola Marymount - Nathan Choate
Morehead State - Mike Aoki
Notre Dame - Link Jarrett
Oakland - Colin Kaline
Oregon - Mark Wasikowski
Oregon State - Mitch Canham
Purdue-Fort Wayne - Doug Schreiber
Rutgers - Steve Owens
Sam Houston - Jay Sirianni
St. Peters - Lou Proietti
Texas State - Steven Trout
UL Lafayette - Matt Deggs
UNC Charlotte - Robert Woodard
UNC Wilmington - Randy Hood
UT San Antonio - Pat Hallmark
Washington State - Brian Green
Western Illinois - Andy Pascoe
Wichita State - Eric Wedge

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