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Players whose highest level reached is the Major Leagues. Historical and Active

Shelley Duncan | Tony Eusebio | Jeff Frye
Players whose highest level reached is the Minor Leagues

Jacob Reimer | Zyhir Hope | Pedro Ramirez
Players whose highest level reached is D1 College

Steve Hardiman | Roger Silvestre | Noah Hoffman
Players whose highest level reached is Independent Baseball.
Historical managers and coaching staffs for all franchises.

Minor League Managers and College Head Coaches available as well.
List of all current and former General Managers.

Current GMs | Historical
Yearly listings and metrics (PREMIUM) for MLB umpires since 1957

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View Prospect rankings for different ranking sites since as early as 1983.

2017 Top 100 | Chicago Cubs
View current MLB and Minor League rosters.
Latest player movement and reports based on player status.

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For PREMIUM subscribers. Track daily/season player stats for up to 200 players.

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PREMIUM users gets access to some players-related applications

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