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Minor League history begins in 1977 on The Baseball Cube. The league information in this section may go back earlier than that date.

There are multiple lines for some franchises below due to change of nickname. They are grouped together in the grid with a border along with their affiliates. Click on the team name to view more detail about the franchise.
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teamname level mlb parent place firstyear lastyear seasons
Eugene Emeralds A+ sfn Eugene,Oregon 2021 2022 2
Everett AquaSox A+ sea Everett,Washington 2021 2022 2
Hillsboro Hops A+ ari Hillsboro,Oregon 2021 2022 2
Spokane Indians A+ col Spokane,Washington 2021 2022 2
Tri-City Dust Devils A+ ana Pasco,Washington 2021 2022 2
Vancouver Canadians A+ tor Vancouver,British Columbia 2021 2022 2
6 record(s)