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2007 South Coast League

2007 South Coast League

Independent League

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2007 Season Standings
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year division rank lgrk teamname team page level   g   w   l wpct gbl rf ra diff manager place ballpark attend. playoffs
2007 -- 1 1 South Georgia Peanuts team page Ind 87 59 28 .678 0.0 501 410 91 Wally Backman, Larry Olenberger --,None Paul Eames Sports Complex 49,353 League Champions
2007 -- 2 2 Macon Music team page Ind 89 58 31 .652 2.0 530 417 113 Phil Plantier --,None Luther Williams Field 73,655 Lost in Finals
2007 -- 3 3 Bradenton Juice team page Ind 89 47 42 .528 13.0 424 441 -17 James Frisbie --,None Robert C. Wynn Baseball Field 27,999 dnq
2007 -- 4 4 Aiken Foxhounds team page Ind 89 41 48 .461 19.0 504 533 -29 Chris Bando --,None Roberto Hernandez Stadium 42,225 dnq
2007 -- 5 5 Anderson Joes team page Ind 89 37 52 .416 23.0 413 506 -93 Kash Beauchamp, Desi Wilson --,None Anderson Memorial Stadium 49,088 dnq
2007 -- 6 6 Charlotte County Redfish team page Ind 89 24 65 .270 36.0 349 536 -187 Cecil Fielder, Jackie Hernandez --,None Charlotte Sports Park 58,444 dnq
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