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High Schools by Nickname

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A fun section where you can see US high schools grouped by nickname. Note that spelling variations are treated separately and its possible we have no idea what we are doing when it comes to spacing team names like the YellowJackets or Blue Jays. We should be good for Tigers (As long as they aren't fightin' tigers)
List of High Schools
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high school place nickname reg
A.C. Reynolds Asheville,NC Rockets NC
Anna Anna,OH Rockets OH
Assiniboia Composite Assiniboia,SK Rockets SK
Auburn Auburn,MA Rockets MA
Bay Bay Village,OH Rockets OH
Berne Union Sugar Grove,OH Rockets OH
Broad Ripple Indianapolis,IN Rockets IN
Burlington Central Burlington,IL Rockets IL
Castle Rock Castle Rock,WA Rockets WA
Clermont Northeastern Batavia,OH Rockets OH
Craig County New Castle,VA Rockets VA
Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont Eddyville,IA Rockets IA
Fayetteville-Perry Fayetteville,OH Rockets OH
Forrest Chapel Hill,TN Rockets TN
Frisco Memorial Frisco,TX Rockets TX
Gardendale Gardendale,AL Rockets AL
Goddard Roswell,NM Rockets NM
Holden Holden,LA Rockets LA
Irvin El Paso,TX Rockets TX
James Buchanan Mercersburg,PA Rockets PA
Jefferson-Morgan Jefferson,PA Rockets PA
John Glenn Westland,MI Rockets MI
Judson Converse,TX Rockets TX
Kelloggsville Wyoming,MI Rockets MI
Limestone Community Bartonville,IL Rockets IL
high school place nickname reg
Lincoln Northeast Lincoln,NE Rockets NE
Little Rock Catholic Little Rock,AR Rockets AR
Maplewood Cortland,OH Rockets OH
McNicholas Cincinnati,OH Rockets OH
Miami Central Miami,FL Rockets FL
Moon Valley Phoenix,AZ Rockets AZ
Mount St. Mary's Oklahoma City,OK Rockets OK
Needham Needham,MA Rockets MA
Neenah Neenah,WI Rockets WI
Neshoba Central Philadelphia,MS Rockets MS
Oak Harbor Oak harbor,OH Rockets OH
Okawville Okawville,IL Rockets IL
Pandora-Gilboa Pandora,OH Rockets OH
Paton-Churdan Churdan,IA Rockets IA
Person County Roxboro,NC Rockets NC
Randolph Randolph,MN Rockets MN
Randolph Randolph,WI Rockets WI
Raritan Hazlet,NJ Rockets NJ
Reading Memorial Reading,MA Rockets MA
Reese Reese,MI Rockets MI
Reeths-Puffer Muskegon,MI Rockets MI
Rich East Park Forest,IL Rockets IL
Richard Montgomery Rockville,MD Rockets MD
Richmond-Burton Community Richmond,IL Rockets IL
Ridgedale Grand Prairie,OH Rockets OH
high school place nickname reg
Roanoke-Benson Benson,IL Rockets IL
Robinson Robinson,TX Rockets TX
Rochester Rochester,IL Rockets IL
Rock Falls Rock Falls,IL Rockets IL
Rock Valley Community Rock Valley,IA Rockets IA
Rockcastle County Mount Vernon,KY Rockets KY
Rockford Rockford,MN Rockets MN
Rockridge Taylor Ridge,IL Rockets IL
Rockvale Rockvale,TN Rockets TN
Rockwood Area Rockwood,PA Rockets PA
Routt Catholic Jacksonville,IL Rockets IL
Science Leadership Academy Philadelphia,PA Rockets PA
Scranton Scranton,AR Rockets AR
Shelby County Shelbyville,KY Rockets KY
Slippery Rock Slippery Rock,PA Rockets PA
South Milwaukee Milwaukee,WI Rockets WI
Southern Huntingdon County Three Springs,PA Rockets PA
Spring Grove Spring Grove,PA Rockets PA
Streetsboro Streetsboro,OH Rockets OH
Syracuse Syracuse,NE Rockets NE
Titusville Area Titusville,PA Rockets PA
Unity Tolono,IL Rockets IL
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