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MLB Amateur Draft

MLB Amateur Draft

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TBC has the full history of the Major League Baseball amateur entry draft since 1965. All years, all phases, all rounds, all picks. This section provides multiple views of the data.

For more information on the Draft section, please read the article in the about section.
Summary of all draft metrics since 1965. Allows for comparison and analysis of draft trends over time.
View draft details for all years since draft inception in 1965.

View draft classes and metrics/trends per MLB Franchise

Draft by Round
View picks of any round for any year of draft

View/Compare all draft picks for each overall slot #

Draft Classes
View draft classes and metrics/trends per MLB Franchise

List of draft picks by High School or College
Signing Bonuses
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Run your own queries against our Draft Database. For PREMIUM Subscribers only.

Available for draft picks and udfa.
Signing classes by team for UDFAs (Undrafted Free Agents).

Seattle Mariners | 2023 New York Mets | 2022 New York Mets
History of all picks of the MLB Rule 5 Draft. Minor League Rule 5 picks can be tracked in transactions research section.

by Original Team | by Selecting Team
You can purchase draft data in CSV format from the data store. Options include the Draft Register, Signing Bonus History and the Intl Signing Bonus History.