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2015 Golden Valley (GoldValley)

2015 Golden Valley (GoldValley)


Participating Schools:
Butte, Feather River, Lassen, Redwoods, Shasta
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College standings are available since 1965 for Division I conferences. For other conferences, based on stats availability.

T - Participated in Conference Tournament
R - Participated in Regionals
S - Participated in Super-Regionals
W - Participated in College World Series
* - Conference Tournament Champion

*Non-Division I Conferences are available in full since 2017 with sporadic covereage prior to 2017. This means that some years may show as partial standings, depending on availability of stats.
2015 Standings
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year division rk school name school page nickname place   g   w   l   t ov-g ov-w ov-l ov-t rf ra diff head coach ballpark
2015 -- 0 Feather River College school page Golden Eagles Quincy,California 25 22 3 0 44 32 12 0 344 186 158 Terry Baumgartner --
2015 -- 0 Butte College school page Roadrunners Chico,California 25 18 7 0 38 23 15 0 275 207 68 Anthony Ferro --
2015 -- 0 Lassen CC school page Cougars Susanville,California 25 12 13 0 36 13 23 0 211 244 -33 Frank Avilla --
2015 -- 0 Shasta College school page Knights Redding,California 25 9 16 0 36 12 24 0 191 255 -64 Brad Rupert --
2015 -- 0 College of the Redwoods school page Corsairs Eureka,California 25 4 21 0 35 7 28 0 153 262 -109 Bob Brown --
5 record(s)
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