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University of Utah

University of Utah


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University of Utah
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Salt Lake City,Utah
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Available for Division I schools only. History of this school's participation in the NCAA Division I tournament since 1965, organized by phase. (Regions, Super-Regionals and College World Series)
NCAA Tournament History
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Year Stage stage location conference rank ovl record Inclusion nth app pool participants
2016 Regionals Oxford,MS Pac12 3 26-29 Automatic 4 Boston College - Tulane - Mississippi
2009 Regionals Fullerton,CA MWC 2 28-31 Automatic 3 Cal State Fullerton - Gonzaga - Georgia Southern
1960 Regionals Salt Lake City,UT 1 -- -- 2 Northern Colorado
1959 Regionals Greeley,CO 2 -- -- 1 Colorado State
1951 College World Series Omaha,NE 4 -- -- 1 Oklahoma - Tennessee - USC - Texas A&M - Springfield - Ohio State - Princeton
5 record(s)